• Chris James is a producer with CNN Digital, producing long-form feature content for CNN's YouTube channel Beme News.

    James' coverage focuses on a range of topics -- exploring complex issues through the eyes of compelling people. James' work takes him around the country and across the globe, from reporting on the dire consequences of climate change on Micronesia's Marshall Islands, to a small Massachusetts town's inspiring solution to curbing their opioid crisis, and a manufacturing plant in Missouri facing extinction because of the global trade war. In 2019, his report about a TSA officer facing eviction due to the government shutdown aired on Anderson Cooper 360.

    Prior to joining CNN in 2017, James served as producer for ABC's Nightline for seven years.

    He has received two Emmy nominations for his work, and was named the winner of the 2018 EPPY Award for Best News Feature Video for "Hawaii's Lava Hunter."

    James grew up in New Rochelle, NY and received a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Social and Cultural Analysis from NYU.