• Chad Myers is a meteorologist and the severe weather expert for CNN. Myers joined the network in 1999 and is based at the headquarters in Atlanta.

    Myers holds the American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval and forecasts significant weather events across the U.S. and Canada daily. He embraces the challenge of forecasting nationally because some major weather event is always making news.

    He is also a science reporter on the network covering earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters. So many stories from the Chilean earthquake and the rescue of the miners, to the Gulf Oil Disaster, for which the network won a Peabody award, have scientific explanations that Myers details so well. Myers aviation knowledge, engineering education, and scientific expertise are often tapped to make complicated stories more understandable.

    After college Myers knew his strength and passion was the ability to explain complex issues in a plain and meaningful way. He made his mark in broadcast meteorology forecasting the local weather in Detroit; Columbus, Ohio; Oklahoma City; Richmond, Virginia; and Lincoln, Nebraska before joining CNN.

    Myers is a University of Nebraska graduate and earned his bachelors of science degree in meteorology in 1987.