Brian Rokus

Political Coverage Manager & Supervising Producer

Brian Rokus is a Political Coverage Manager & Supervising Producer in CNN's Washington Bureau where he oversees political and other coverage during the network's primetime programs.
Brian Rokus profile


Brian Rokus is CNN’s Political Coverage Manager and a Supervising Producer in the Washington Bureau, where he oversees the network’s political desk during the midterm and general elections. Previously, he produced taped political pieces with Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger including profiles of former President Donald Trump and Chief Justice John Roberts. He also spent a decade in CNN’s longform unit where he produced documentaries and newsmagazine segments on a wide range of topics including George H.W. Bush’s World War II service, Hurricane Katrina, Tibetan refugees in India, Coast Guard rescue swimmers and mine-hunting dolphins. In addition, he has covered multiple breaking news stories including the September 11 terrorist attacks and numerous hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and blizzards. For his work on CNN’s God’s Warriors documentary, Rokus was honored with a Peabody and duPont award and his assignments have taken him from the Arctic Circle to North Korea to the war in Ukraine. He joined CNN in 1999 after graduating cum laude from Princeton University with a degree in politics.m laude from Princeton University with a degree in politics.