• A social media mainstay with nearly one million twitter followers, Ali Nejad joined HLN in May, 2014 as its LA-based correspondent covering general news.

    Born and raised in the San Francisco area, Nejad has spent his career covering everything from current events, to poker, to college sports, to video gaming. More recently however, Nejad has become a globetrotting purveyor of fine food, fast cars, and luxury travel who likes to share the best that life has to offer with his followers.

    He started working in television, while still in high school, for a local San Francisco station's youth magazine show First Cut. He then studied business, economics and law at the University of California Berkeley, but left before graduating in 1999 to pursue his passion and become a professional poker player.

    After achieving success in the poker arena he relocated to Los Angeles in 2004 and merged his twin passions by working as a television poker commentator for NBC, ESPN, and Fox Sports 1, a role in which he continues to serve today.

    In 2012, he again merged television with another passion -- sports -- in traveling the country to cover college football as the host of ESPNU's Road Trip, which he describes as "the time of his life." He can currently be seen on ESPN Sportcenter's weekly "Guinness Suite" segment, interviewing celebrities and athletes.

    A self-proclaimed travel junkie who lists Paris, Shanghai, and Melbourne as some of his favorite cities, Nejad says that moving briefly to Buenos Aires last year for a "life reset" was one of the best things he's ever done, and is looking forward to his new adventures with HLN.