Ahead of America’s Congressional elections, polls frequently ask voters which party’s candidate they would support in their own House district, a question sometimes referred to as the “generic ballot.” The CNN Poll of Polls averages these results as measured by non-partisan, national surveys that meet CNN’s standards. Generic ballot polling provides a look at the overall political environment, but since members of Congress are elected from individual districts, a party’s share of support in such a national poll may not directly correlate to the number of seats they win in the U.S. House. A close divide in generic ballot preferences often signals Republican gains in the House.

Generic ballot polling
CNN Poll of Polls

Date Range: 10/24-11/02

*The CNN Poll of Polls aggregates and averages a number of recent polls. The latest Poll of Polls includes results from Washington Post/ABC (10/30-11/02), CNN (10/26-10/31), NPR/PBS/Marist (10/24-10/27), CBS/YouGov (10/26-10/28).

CNN Poll of Polls: The 2022 race for U.S. House over time

CNN’s Poll of Polls may include both surveys that aim to measure the views of all registered voters, and those restricted to voters considered likely to participate in the upcoming election. It does not include surveys that ask about voters’ preference regarding overall control of Congress or those which only release a result for this question among all adults. The CNN Poll of Polls does not have a margin of sampling error.

Generic ballot polling
Average support for Democrats and Republicans over time
Sep 22
Oct 22
The 11/06/22 Poll of Polls is an average of the following polls:
Dates DemocratsRepublicans Other/ Don't know/ Wouldn't vote Sample Size Sample Type Margin of Error
Washington Post/ABC
October 30 – November 2 48% 50% 2% 708 Likely voters +/-4.5
October 26-31 47% 51% 3% 992 Likely voters +/-3.8
October 24-27 46% 49% 5% 1,200 Likely voters +/-4.2
October 26-28 45% 47% 9% 1,899 Likely voters +/-2.6

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