Impeachment trial of President Trump

By Meg Wagner, Mike Hayes, Veronica Rocha and Fernando Alfonso III, CNN

Updated 10:56 p.m. ET, January 22, 2020
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10:39 a.m. ET, January 22, 2020

George Conway: Trump is "thoroughly unfit for office"

George Conway said President Trump is "a man that knows no boundaries and he's going to get worse." 

The conservative attorney added: "That's why he needs to be removed now." 

"The fact that he went through all that and didn't learn anything, the fact that he's gone through all this and still maintains that the call was perfect means that he has no idea what propriety requires, what law requires, what the constitution requires. He's thoroughly unfit for office," Conway said.
10:39 a.m. ET, January 22, 2020

George Conway says Trump lawyer would have been held in contempt if he was in a courtroom

Conservative lawyer George Conway said that if Trump impeachment attorney Pat Cipollone would be held in contempt if behaved like he did last night in the Senate in a courtroom.

Last night, Cipollone directly targeted House manager Jerry Nadler, telling the Democrat he owes President Trump an apology.

"President Trump is a man of his word. He made promises to the American people and he delivered," he said. "Mr. Nadler, you owe an apology to the President of the United States and his family."

Here's Conway's reaction to the moment:

"I mean, if you did that in a courtroom, you'd verge on being held in contempt. The judge would ask the jury to leave the room and the judge would ream you out. I would hope that Republican senators — who like all senators, generally — value decorum in the world's greatest deliberative body would find that offensive, because it was offensive."
11:03 a.m. ET, January 22, 2020

George Conway: Trump is a "pathological liar"

Conservative attorney George Conway told CNN this morning that Trump is "a pathological liar." 

Conway, who is married to Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, added that Trump's defense team "standing up before the Senate saying he's truthful. He's a man of his word. I mean that's just absurd."

On the evidence against Trump, Conway said it is "going to keep coming out." 

"Truth has a way of coming out," he said.

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10:39 a.m. ET, January 22, 2020

George Conway: Trump's claim that the Ukraine call was perfect is "crazy"

Conservative attorney George Conway called the argument from President Trump's legal team that there was no quid pro quo when it came to the President's dealings with Ukraine "just utterly and completely shameless in light of all the evidence."

"And the notion that you can assert that the call, as the President has been doing, as perfect is crazy," Conway said. 

10:39 a.m. ET, January 22, 2020

George Conway: Trump charges are "much, much more serious" than those against Clinton

Conservative attorney George Conway said on CNN this morning that the charges against President Trump are "much, much more serious" than what former President Bill Clinton was accused of during his impeachment. 

Here's what he said:

"[Clinton] lied under oath, but it was in a civil case that had nothing to do with the powers of his office. It had to do with what happened in a hotel room ... two years before he became president. And it didn't involve abuse of presidential power. It didn't involve withholding hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds to an ally at war just because you want to get — he wanted to get a foreign country to announce a bogus investigation against his leading political rival. I mean it should be — it should be a no-brainer here." 
10:47 a.m. ET, January 22, 2020

George Conway: This is a "day of reckoning" for Republican senators

Conservative attorney George Conway said he's "deeply saddened" by the way GOP senators have handled the impeachment trial so far.

CNN's Jake Tapper just asked him: "How do you feel when you see the Republican party going against these basic rules that you consider to be important?"

"I'm deeply saddened," he said. "It's very upsetting. And this is a moment, I think, of reckoning — not just for the country and for the rule of law and for the Constitution."

Conway continued: 

"It's a very specific day of reckoning for the Republican senators who took this oath and the Republican party generally. Are they going to stand for lies instead of truth? Are they going to stand for gaslighting instead of reality? Are they going to just do the bidding of this one man and put his interests over those of the country? That's what this is about."

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10:10 a.m. ET, January 22, 2020

George Conway says there should be witnesses at impeachment trial

Conservative attorney George Conway told CNN's Jake Tapper moments ago that he's in favor of hearing from witnesses.

"This is a trial where they should want to hear the evidence," said Conway, who is married to Trump adviser, Kellyanne Conway. 

He continued:

"If they're so sure that the evidence will exonerate President Trump, then, yeah, let's hear from John Bolton. We should hear from Pompeo, we should hear from Mulvaney."
10:42 a.m. ET, January 22, 2020

George Conway: Republicans "don't want to hear the evidence because they know the truth"

Conservative lawyer George Conway said Republicans "must be afraid of something" since some have said they do not want new evidence at trial.

"What are they afraid of? What are they afraid of?" Conway asked. "They're going to hear evidence they don't like? They must be afraid of something. And that's the thing that I find most disturbing about it — is they don't want to hear the evidence because they know the truth. They know he's guilty. And they don't want to hear the evidence because they don't want the American people to see it, too."

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10:40 a.m. ET, January 22, 2020

George Conway: Democrats "out-classed" Trump's legal team

Conservative lawyer George Conway said the Democratic House manager "out-classed" President Trump's legal team at the impeachment trial yesterday.

"Well, I think the managers simply out-classed Trump's lawyers," he told CNN.

He continued:

"The managers were prepared. They were thoughtful. They were factual. They were logical. They were dignified. Trump's lawyers, on the other hand, were dissembling, and distorting and even lying."