The 2020 New Hampshire primary

By Meg Wagner, Fernando Alfonso III, Mike Hayes and Veronica Rocha, CNN

Updated 1:50 AM ET, Wed February 12, 2020
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9:12 p.m. ET, February 11, 2020

Biden and Warren won't earn any delegates tonight

From CNN's Adam Levy

Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images
Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren won’t make the 15% threshold to earn any national delegates from New Hampshire, according to the CNN Decision Desk.

A candidate must win at least 15% of the vote in statewide or in either congressional district to be eligible to earn a delegate to the Democratic national convention in Milwaukee this July to vote for the party’s nominee for president.

New Hampshire has 24 delegates up for grabs tonight. They will be awarded proportionally to candidates who make threshold.

It takes 1,991 delegates to win the Democratic nomination on the first ballot of the convention.

Watch more analysis about the delegate count:

9:11 p.m. ET, February 11, 2020

Warren congratulates Klobuchar by pointing out "how wrong the pundits can be when they count a woman out"

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

During a speech in front of supporters this evening in New Hampshire, Sen. Elizabeth Warren acknowledged Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who is currently polling in third place.

"And I also want to congratulate my friend and colleague Amy Klobuchar for showing just how wrong the pundits can be when they count a woman out," Warren said to applause.

A senior Klobuchar aide says the campaign is ready to capitalize on their momentum with infrastructure expansion. In Nevada, Klobuchar already has 50 staff on the ground, per the aide. 

By Saturday, the campaign says it will have staff deployed in several Super Tuesday states, as it looks to rapidly expand. 

By the numbers: With 40% percent precincts reporting, Klobuchar had 19.8% of the votes. Sen. Bernie Sanders is leading with 27.6%. Warren was right behind Klobuchar with 9.5%.

CNN's Kyung Lah contributed to this report.

Watch Warren's speech:

9:09 p.m. ET, February 11, 2020

Buttigieg's campaign could be growing with younger voters

From CNN's Abby Phillip

Pete Buttigieg typically does better with older voters according to public polling, but there are a lot of young people in the room at his headquarters in New Hampshire tonight — more than we typically see at his rallies.

That’s a change for him: Could it signal a shift in his coalition of voters?

CNN's John King noted that Keene, a college town that was a stronghold for Bernie Sanders in 2016, is one of the places where we would expect there to be a lot of younger voters. 

Buttigieg recently held a large rally in Keene that was one of his biggest in the state in the last week. Can Buttigieg be competitive there, as well as Hanover, where Dartmouth is located, are two things the campaign will be looking at. 

The campaign is feeling bullish about their prospects with young voters, noting that exit polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire show him running in second place with this portion of the electorate.

Watch a report from the Buttigieg campaign headquarters:

9:01 p.m. ET, February 11, 2020

These are the top 4 candidates with 40% of precincts reporting

Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to lead with 27.6% of the vote, with 40% of precincts reporting in New Hampshire.

Sanders is followed by former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

8:57 p.m. ET, February 11, 2020

Klobuchar will add staff in Super Tuesday states, aide says

From CNN's Kyung Lah

A senior aide to Amy Klobuchar said the campaign is ready to capitalize on their momentum with infrastructure expansion.

In Nevada, Klobuchar already has 50 staff on the ground, per the aide. By Saturday, the campaign says it will have staff deployed in several Super Tuesday states, as it looks to rapidly expand.  

8:55 p.m. ET, February 11, 2020

Buttigieg source says early results predict it'll be a good night

From CNN's Abby Phillip

A source inside the Pete Buttigieg campaign says the early results tonight look to be pointing in a good direction for Buttigieg because...

  • They believe they will finish well ahead of the two contenders who were leading him going into the race: Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden.
  • Amy Klobuchar is running strong, but they are confident they’re in a stronger position after New Hampshire: They have 77 staffers in Nevada and more than 55 in South Carolina. 
  • Source says they believe they’ll have a strong finish that will give them the momentum and money they need going into Nevada and South Carolina. 

With 37% of the estimated vote in, Buttigieg is No. 2 with 23.7%, just behind Bernie Sanders, who has 27.5%

8:47 p.m. ET, February 11, 2020

Elizabeth Warren thanks supporters and her dog Bailey

From CNN's Lauren Dezenski

Bill Sikes/AP
Bill Sikes/AP

Elizabeth Warren made it clear her campaign will continue beyond New Hampshire. “I am here to get big things done,” Warren told supporters.

Warren addressed her election night crowd in Manchester less than 30 minutes after polls closed entirely in New Hampshire, where early returns showed her in fourth place behind Amy Klobuchar. Every other candidate who has spoken thus far tonight has dropped out because of disappointing returns.

“Our best chance of beating Donald Trump is with a candidate that will work … a candidate who can build a campaign to unite our party and a candidate who can build a movement who is ready to take on corruption and win,” Warren said, repeating common refrains from her stump speech. 

“Amy and I are the only candidates in this race who are not either billionaires or supported by Super PACs,” Warren said of she and Klobuchar.  

Expectations were high for Warren’s performance in New Hampshire -- she has served as a senator in neighboring Massachusetts since 2012. 

“Tonight, I am here to say thank you,” Warren said, adding her thanks for every volunteer, door knocker and volunteer, as well as her husband and “good boy,” her photogenic golden retriever Bailey.

8:42 p.m. ET, February 11, 2020

Sen. Michael Bennet drops out of race


Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet is dropping out of the presidential race. He focused his campaign on New Hampshire but got little pickup in the polls.

Watch more analysis on Bennet here:

8:50 p.m. ET, February 11, 2020

Elizabeth Warren: If we're going to beat Trump, we need a "huge turnout within our party"

Speaking to supporters in Manchester, New Hampshire this evening, Sen. Elizabeth Warren called on voters to head to the polls this November to beat President Trump.

"If we're going to beat Donald Trump in November we're going to need huge turnout within our party," Warren said. "And to get that turnout, we will need a nominee that the broadest coalition within our party feels like they can get behind."