U.S. President Donald Trump walks toward Marine One while departing for Pittsburgh to speak at the annual Shale Insight Conference, on October 23.
Why the 'quid pro quo' defense may not matter
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Where things stand now

  • The latest: Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced a resolution critical of the House impeachment process. Only three GOP senators haven’t signed on to support the resolution, which calls on the House to hold a vote to initiate a formal inquiry. 
  • New ruling: A federal judge gave a legal endorsement to the impeachment probe into President Trump and ordered the Justice Department to release grand jury information redacted from the Mueller report.
  • Possible public hearings: Democrats plan on holding public hearings with some witnesses who have been deposed. The hearings could begin in mid-November or after Thanksgiving depending on the witnesses.
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Trump attacks impeachment inquiry in tweets

President Trump mischaracterized why congressional testimony from an anonymous whistleblower is growing unlikely and attacked the House impeachment inquiry in a series of tweets tonight.

The attorneys for the whistleblower who lodged a complaint with the intelligence community inspector general related to Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s President wrote in a Washington Post op-ed today that there is no need for their client to testify in person, even behind closed doors.  

Andrew Bakaj and Mark Zaid argue that their client’s anonymity needs to be protected and say he has no additional information to offer about the call, writing: “Because our client has no additional information about the president’s call, there is no justification for exposing their identity and all the risks that would follow.” 

In a separate tweet, Trump attack the impeachment process, calling it a scam.

The President also floated the idea of suing Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff. Trump has brought this up numerous times.

Pelosi says court ruling is "another blow to President Trump’s attempt to put himself above the law"