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Next phase in Trump impeachment inquiry begins

03:15 - Source: CNN
Should Trump be impeached? These scholars disagree

Who testified today

  • Noah Feldman, Harvard Law School
  • Pamela S. Karlan, Stanford Law School
  • Michael Gerhardt, University of North Carolina School of Law
  • Jonathan Turley, George Washington University Law School (of note: He’s the sole GOP witness today)
  • Why this all matters: The Judiciary Committee hearing the testimony today has jurisdiction over drafting articles of impeachment — the document that, if approved by a full House vote, would impeach President Trump.


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The hearing is over. Here's what happens next in the impeachment proceedings.

Saul Loeb/Pool/AP

As soon as tonight, we should expect the House Judiciary Committee to announce a future hearing for next week. That is expected to include testimony from Democratic and GOP staff attorneys on the House Intelligence Committee presenting the findings of their investigations.

Under the rules, the committee can schedule a hearing within 24 hours. 

The White House has a Friday deadline to decide about whether to participate in that or future hearings. We will see what they do.

Here’s what we’re expecting in the weeks ahead:

  • Next week: A staff counsel hearing. (We don’t when it will happen.) And there could be votes on articles of impeachment in the House Judiciary Committee. That committee vote could be more than one day. The exact timing could change on the vote if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decides to hit the brakes. 
  • The week of Dec. 16: Potential votes on the House floor on articles of impeachment. Again, the timing could change depending on Pelosi’s actions. 

One thing to note: While we don’t know when the articles of impeachment will be introduced, it’s clear what they are considering:

Abuse of power and briberyObstruction of JusticeObstruction of Congress 

Nadler: "President Trump placed his own personal and political interests above our national interests"


Chairman Jerry Nadler used his closing statement to admonish President Trump for putting “his own personal and political interests above our national interests.”

Nadler claims that because the President asked a “foreign government to intervene in our elections, then got caught, then obstructed the investigators twice,” impeachment is the only way to address these actions.

“President Trump placed his own personal and political interests above our national interests, above the security of our country, and most importantly above our most precious right, the ability of each and every one of us to participate in fair elections, free of corruption. The constitution has a solution for a president who places his personal or political interests above those in the nation, the power of impeachment,” Nadler said.