Congress finalizes Biden's win after riot disrupts Capitol

By Meg Wagner, Melissa Macaya, Mike Hayes, Melissa Mahtani, Veronica Rocha and Fernando Alfonso III, CNN

Updated 5:15 p.m. ET, January 7, 2021
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4:30 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

At least two real explosive devices in DC rendered safe by law enforcement

From CNN's Pervaiz Shallwani

At least two suspected pipe bombs have been rendered safe by law enforcement — one at a building that houses Republican National Committee offices and one in the US Capitol complex, a federal law enforcement official tells CNN

The official said these were real explosive devices and they were blown up to be rendered safe.

4:31 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

George Washington University’s home basketball game postponed due to riots

From CNN's Homero DeLaFuente

George Washington University’s home men’s basketball game against the University of Massachusetts has been postponed. George Washington stated in a tweet that the game was called off due to the 6 p.m. ET curfew now in place in Washington, DC.

In a statement by the University of Massachusetts, the school says the protests and the curfew were to blame for the postponement and that their basketball team is vacating the area. 

“The Minutemen are currently leaving Washington D.C. and will travel back to Massachusetts tonight.”   

The Atlantic 10 Conference says it will reschedule the game to a later time.  

4:29 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

Twitter restricts engagement with Trump's labeled tweets amid Capitol riots

From CNN’s Brian Fung

Twitter moved Wednesday to restrict engagement with tweets by President Trump and others that have been labeled “due to a risk of violence."

The announcement comes after hours of silence as violent rioters descended on the US Capitol, and amid mounting calls by the Anti-Defamation League and others for Trump’s Twitter account to be suspended outright. 

Twitter did not directly address those calls, but said that the restrictions on sharing and engagement are part of its efforts to monitor the “ongoing situation in Washington.”

Likes have been disabled on Trump’s tweet that claimed Vice President Mike Pence “didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done,” and those wishing to retweet Trump’s tweet are being prompted to add a comment rather than simply amplifying the content.  

“In regard to the ongoing situation in Washington, D.C., we are working proactively to protect the health of the public conversation occurring on the service and will take action on any content that violates the Twitter Rules,” Twitter said. 

“Threats of and calls to violence are against the Twitter Rules, and we are enforcing our policies accordingly. In addition, we have been significantly restricting engagement with Tweets labeled under our Civic Integrity Policy due to the risk of violence. This means these labeled Tweets will not be able to be replied to, Retweeted, or liked," the company added.

Twitter is still considering other “escalated enforcement actions,” it added.

4:29 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

CNN reporter describes debris and smell of tear gas inside Capitol while being evacuated

From CNN's Adrienne Vogt

CNN's Manu Raju described the scene while being evacuated at the US Capitol after rioters breached the building.

There are police officers in riot gear and gas masks, and the smell of tear gas is throughout the building, Raju reported.

"These rioters have clearly ... breached all elements of this building. You're seeing debris, trash, all in the elevators, things knocked down, posts knocked down, and this is clearly a sign of how they are gone into all parts of this building," he said.

He did not see any rioters currently inside of the building, he said.

See Manu Raju's report:

4:26 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

Trump's former chief of staff: "Many of these folks are nothing but domestic terrorists"

From CNN's Kaitlan Collins

President Trump's first chief of staff Reince Priebus is one of several former staffers speaking out more forcefully about the pro-Trump riots taking place at the US Capitol than Trump. 

"Many of these folks are nothing but domestic terrorists," he tweeted. "And many are criminals and trouble makers all acting in a manner opposite of patriotism. These violent people have no respect for democracy. Pure insanity and disgusting."
4:22 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

Smoke grenades being deployed on Senate side of the US Capitol

From CNN's Kristin Wilson, Ted Barrett, Manu Raju, Ali Zaslav and Sarah Fortinsky 

Smoke grenades are being deployed on the Senate side of the US Capitol, as Capitol police work to clear the building of rioters.

Windows on the west side of the Senate have been broken, and hundreds of officers are amassing on the first floor of the building. 

CNN reporters working in the US Senate, have been told by the Capitol Police that they are being evacuated from the Senate, to an undisclosed location. 

The Capitol Police also say the Senate won’t be in session in the Capitol building today or anytime soon, saying the building was “trashed.”

While the officers appear to be speaking with authority, CNN has not independently confirmed that the Senate leadership has made that decision. 


4:22 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

Rioters want to "occupy the Capitol through the night," source says

From CNN's Jim Acosta

Win McNamee/Getty Images
Win McNamee/Getty Images

A source close to the White House who is in touch with some of the rioters at the Capitol said it's the goal of those involved to stay inside the Capitol through the night. It's a potential disruption that would further delay the constitutional process that was interrupted by the violence on the Hill.

"Their goal is to occupy the Capitol through the night," the source said of some of the rioters.

As reported earlier, a White House adviser said some aides around President Trump are becoming furious that the President won't do more to stop the insurrection at the Capitol. The adviser said aides have been all but begging Trump to come out and make a statement to begin to calm the situation. 

"He doesn't want to," to do more than what he is doing right now, the adviser said. 

"If we could throw him to the angry mob, we'd throw him to the angry mob now," the adviser said. 

4:35 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

The work of the next four years will be restoring democracy, Biden says

President-elect Joe Biden addressed the pro-Trump riots happening right now at the Capitol, saying the work of the next four years will be rebuilding democracy.

"The work of the moment and the work of the next four years must be the restoration of democracy – of decency, honor, respect, the rule of law. Just plain, simple decency," Biden said.

The President-elect said he is "shocked and saddened" that the country has come to "such a dark moment," but added that like other moments in history, America will prevail.

"Through war and strife, America's endured much. And we will endure here and we will prevail again and we'll prevail now," Biden said.

"Today's reminder, a painful one, that democracy is fragile and to preserve it requires people of good will," he said.

Rioters stormed the US Capitol building earlier today while members of Congress were meeting to certify Biden's win.


4:17 p.m. ET, January 6, 2021

DC police officer taken to the hospital after being pepper sprayed

From CNN's Pervaiz Shallwani 

At least one officer was pepper sprayed and taken to an area hospital, according Douglas Buchanan, chief of communications for the DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

Buchanan also said others have been treated and taken to hospitals throughout the day – ranging from cardiac arrest to someone who suffered multiple fractures after falling from scaffolding on the West end of the U.S. Capitol.