US President Donald Trump shakes hands with National Rifle Association (NRA) President Wayne LaPierre (R) during the NRA Leadership Forum in Atlanta, GA, April 28, 2017, with NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox (L). / AFP PHOTO / JIM WATSON        (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Trump is the NRA's apprentice

By Jen Psaki
No, America. Donald Trump is not going to be our savior on gun reform. And he is not going to deliver swift action to keep our kids safe from mass shootings. The speech he made Friday to conservatives at the Conservative Political Action Conference made that clear.
Students at Mayo High School stage a walkout against gun violence for 17 minutes during the school day Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018, in Rochester, Minn. The 17 minutes were in memory of the 17 victims in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Fla., on Feb. 14.

What it will take for Parkland students to win the battle ahead?

By Julian Zelizer, CNN Political Analyst
Unlike most gun control efforts in the past, this time students are emerging at the center of this campaign, and with the potential to drive real change. But they must get organized and prepare to confront the massive obstacles they'll encounter head on, writes Julian Zelizer.

What does Dana Loesch know about "grieving black mothers in Chicago"?

By Clay Cane
Firearms bought at gun shows, transported over state lines and sold via straw purchases to criminals cause havoc in communities of color, even as the NRA and gun manufacturers profit from this awful trade. The NRA is shamefully selective in its outrage, writes Clay Cane.


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    Together we make a family

    By Rebecca Cokley
    I was lying on the cold metal table in the operating room in the midst of giving birth to my second child, in what had been a totally normal and uneventful pregnancy, when the anesthesiologist assigned to my C-section suggested that my obstetrician might want to tie my tubes. He didn't ask me. He didn't even acknowledge that I was there, though I was in a ragged state of consciousness. He said, "While you're down there, we are going to go ahead and tie her tubes, right?"

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