November 14, 2023 Israel-Hamas war

By Tara Subramaniam, Brad Lendon, Sana Noor Haq, Adrienne Vogt, Leinz Vales, Dakin Andone, Mike Hayes, Elise Hammond and Tori B. Powell, CNN

Updated 12:07 a.m. ET, November 15, 2023
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3:07 p.m. ET, November 14, 2023

Hamas has “lost control” in northern Gaza, Israeli defense minister claims

From CNN's Tamar Michaelis in Tel Aviv and Sugam Pokharel in London 

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant claimed on Tuesday that Hamas has lost control in northern Gaza, including in Gaza City. 

“You’ve seen Golani troops sitting in Gaza’s Parliament. This is significant. I can tell you that in the northern Gaza Strip Hamas has lost control. In fact, we are in control of the entire area above and below ground in the northern Gaza Strip, and especially in Gaza City,” Gallant said at a news conference, referring to the IDF's Golani Brigade. 
“We’re in the second stage of the war in Gaza. In the first stage, we struck with full force, and in the second stage, over the last two weeks, we’ve been operating with multiple forces inside Gaza City. We breached the defensive lines and the barricades from the north and the south,” he added. 

Ground operations will continue, the defense minister said, and the Israeli army will “keep advancing, both today and over the next days, in order to fulfill the tasks in accordance with the cabinet’s directives."

2:57 p.m. ET, November 14, 2023

Calls for help from civilians trapped in northern Gaza are "going unanswered," UN human rights agency says

From CNN's Kareem Khadder

The leading United Nations human rights agency is warning that "hundreds of thousands of civilians" remain trapped in Gaza City and their calls for help "are going unanswered."

"Desperate calls and urgent appeals are being made by civilians who are unable to move from the buildings where they are sheltering because of the presence of Israeli troops, ongoing ground battles or who have been caught in collapsed buildings," the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said in a statement Tuesday.

It said it is hearing stories of people asking for help to get out of their basements, but then contact getting cut off. Some of them are also reporting that they are trapped with family members who are injured or dead, the statement said.

"We hear from people with disabilities trapped in a rehabilitation center, not receiving any support for evacuation or any humanitarian aid. We hear that all calls are going unanswered as medical and rescue workers have no more capacity to help," the statement said.

OHCHR called for "urgent humanitarian access" to be granted in the northern part of the enclave. The human rights organization also said there must be "sufficient time" and the right conditions for "very difficult evacuations to take place."

"Any evacuations of hospitals must consider the ability of patients, medical staff, and other civilians to evacuate safely and to places patients can be properly cared for," OHCHR said in the statement.

4:09 p.m. ET, November 14, 2023

Israel's policy “is victory in the south and deterrence in the north,” says senior adviser to Netanyahu

From CNN’s Amanpour team and Alex Hardie in London

Israel’s policy “is victory in the south and deterrence in the north," Mark Regev, senior adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told CNN on Tuesday.

“Israel wants to be able to focus all our military efforts on Hamas in the south, on destroying the Hamas military machine and getting our hostages back. In the north, we prefer deterrence. We don’t want to see an escalation in the north,” Regev told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in an interview. 

His comments come as intense shelling was reported around Israel's northern border with Lebanon overnight and on Tuesday morning.

Regev also said: “If we are closer to a hostage release – and I am not sure we are – but if we are closer, it is because Hamas is under amazing pressure.” 


2:52 p.m. ET, November 14, 2023

US would support 3rd party conducting evacuations of Gaza hospitals, State Department says

From CNN's Jennifer Hansler

The United States would support an independent third party conducting the evacuations of patients from hospitals in Gaza, State Department spokesperson Matt Miller said Tuesday, adding the US is in conversation with a number of humanitarian organizations and third parties about just that.

Miller claimed that the government of Israel would support such a step as well, but questioned whether Hamas would allow patients to be evacuated.

“We think an appropriate step would be to support those evacuations so babies and other vulnerable populations are not in harm's way,” Miller said at a news briefing Tuesday.

The US has sent messages through the Qataris and other intermediaries to Hamas urging them to allow the evacuation of wounded civilians, Miller said.

4:12 p.m. ET, November 14, 2023

Various factors are complicating hostage negotiations between Israel and Hamas

From CNN's MJ Lee, Alex Marquardt, Kevin Liptak, Jennifer Hansler and Oren Liebermann

People stand in front of a wall with posters for the missing or kidnapped in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Monday.
People stand in front of a wall with posters for the missing or kidnapped in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Monday. Faiz Abu Rmeleh/AFP via Getty Images

Only a handful of hostages have been released so far since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas.

The United States, Israel and Hamas — with Qatar playing a significant mediating role — have been engaged in talks for weeks to free the hostages from Gaza. 

The parties are working toward a deal that would entail a sustained, days-long pause in fighting in exchange for a large group of hostages being freed, a senior US official familiar with the talks told CNN on Friday.

But various factors are complicating negotiation efforts: One of the complications in the ongoing talks has been verifying the list of names of both hostages and Palestinian prisoners that Hamas and Israel would respectively release as part of the deal, two officials told CNN. Israel wants to make sure none of the prisoners released are connected to Hamas and the country has been scrutinizing names proposed as part of the process.

Another factor that had slowed talks was a lack of information about the hostages Hamas is holding. Because other groups in Gaza, like Islamic Jihad, are believed to have taken hostages, it wasn’t clear to negotiators who exactly Hamas would be able to release as part of a deal.

Throughout the process, the ongoing fighting and logistical problems have slowed down the negotiations, including communication blackouts in Gaza that prevented Hamas leaders on the strip from talking to their political leaders in Qatar.

The complicated indirect diplomacy, involving mediators from Qatar, has meant it could at times take hours and even days for messages to be exchanged among all the parties.

The indirect style of negotiating is cumbersome, one US official acknowledged, but necessary.

1:46 p.m. ET, November 14, 2023

Gaza City’s only operational hospital has 2 operating rooms and 3 surgeons for over 500 patients, doctor says

From CNN’s Isa Soares Tonight Team and Jorge Engels in London

A doctor in Gaza City’s only operational hospital says health care workers are caring for more than 500 patients — including some who are critically wounded — with very little access to medication as fighting rages nearby.

Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital’s Dr. Ghassan Abu-Sittah told CNN that they are "just overwhelmed and under-resourced."

The doctor painted a grim picture of conditions at the hospital, which he said only has two operating rooms, three surgeons, and a desperately low supplies of anesthetics to take care of a growing number of wounded people.  

“We started getting the wounded, initially from airstrikes but today also from sniper injuries. We have over 500 wounded in the hospital,” Abu-Sittah said. 

“We are doing daily procedures with no anesthetic ... We don’t have access to operating rooms, and we try to keep them for the most life-saving procedures,” he added. 

The doctor said his hospital does have access to running water and food, which is brought in by ambulances. 

He also said that while the hospital isn’t “physically surrounded,” he can “hear the building shake continuously” from nearby fighting. 

Earlier today, the United Nations said the hospital is the only medical facility reported to be able to receive patients, out of roughly 30 hospitals and clinics in the north of the Gaza Strip. 

1:08 p.m. ET, November 14, 2023

Israeli military confirms death of woman seen in Hamas video

From CNN's Andrew Carey and Vasco Cotovio

The Israeli military has confirmed that a woman pictured in a video released by Hamas is dead. The video emerged on a Hamas social media channel and claimed that an Israeli woman held hostage in Gaza had been killed in an Israeli airstrike.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) identified the woman as Israeli soldier Noa Marciano.

“She was promoted from the rank of private to the rank of corporal after her death,” the IDF said Tuesday. “The IDF shares in the family's grief and will continue to accompany her.”

The clip — which is just over a minute in length — appeared Monday evening on the Telegram channel of the Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s military wing. 

Most of the video shows the woman speaking into the camera reading a short statement. She gives details of her father and mother, her hometown, and her Israeli ID. She gives her age as 19. 

After the spoken statement, the video shows an image of what appears to be the woman’s body, following what the video claims was her death in an Israeli airstrike on November 9.

In a short statement late Monday, the IDF said an army representative had visited the family home to inform them of the video. 

12:51 p.m. ET, November 14, 2023

Israeli military says it has taken control of Al-Shati refugee camp in northern Gaza

From CNN's Tamar Michaelis in Jerusalem and Sugam Pokharel in London

The IDF said on Tuesday that its forces have taken control of Al-Shati refugee camp, which is about three miles from the center of Gaza City. 

“The Nahal Brigade combined combat forces and the commando combat forces obtained operational control at Shati Camp in the last few hours,” the Israeli military said in a statement. 

"The IDF and the 162nd Division are dismantling Hamas' centers and capabilities it had built over the years," it added, claiming that the Israeli army has located more than 160 tunnel shafts and "struck approximately 2800 terrorist infrastructure" in the Gaza Strip since the war started last month.

Israeli military spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said Sunday in a press briefing that infantry and combat engineering forces had reached the outskirts of the camp, which is near Al-Shifa Hospital.

12:48 p.m. ET, November 14, 2023

Netanyahu: We are “working relentlessly” to secure the release of hostages

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds a press conference in Tel Aviv on October 28.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds a press conference in Tel Aviv on October 28. Abir Sultan/Pool via Reuters

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he is “working relentlessly for the release of the hostages” held by Hamas in Gaza, indicating he believes increased pressure from Israel’s ground campaign inside the enclave is helping move things in the right direction.

Netanyahu is under intense pressure from Israelis to secure the safe release of the 239 people believed held in the Gaza Strip but has so far been reluctant to discuss details of negotiations – a position he stuck to in a short statement released Tuesday afternoon.

“If and when there will be something concrete to report – we will do so,” the statement concluded, which came shortly after US President Joe Biden said he believed a deal to release the hostages was “going to happen.”

Some context: A deal to secure the release of a large number of hostages that Hamas is holding in Gaza appears elusive for now, despite active negotiations involving the US, Israel, Qatar and Hamas. The multi-party talks have been ongoing for weeks and have so far produced many ideas, but any kind of proposal involving hostages in exchange for a pause in fighting is not on the table, a US official and other diplomatic sources involved in the talks said.