Nissi Beach

Parties and laid-back beach shacks, with added islet


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Water that’s bluer and warmer than you thought possible, plus white sand and a teardrop-shaped islet to swim out to and bask on. Cyprus is renowned for its fine beaches, but Nissi stands out. High season in July is party season. Temperatures soar, and DJs, deep tans and water sports rule, but the island’s laid-back, friendly feeling is always there.

Ramshackle beach shacks grilling halloumi cheese and souvlaki thrive alongside the cocktail bars. A wander along the seafront can lead to bargaining with grizzled fishermen to set a price for a short boat trip east to explore the sea caves at Cape Greco, or sharing a strong sweet coffee with the owner of a beachside shop selling soaps and lotions made from local olive oil. The sun shines almost all year round in Cyprus. In early spring and late fall the heat is less blistering and the partygoers have flown home. That shimmering water is still warm and visitors might have Nissi almost to themselves.

Photos: STELLA/imageBROKER/REX/Shutterstock, Ian Dagnall Commercial Collection / Alamy Stock Photo, Jeff Morgan 08 / Alamy Stock Photo, 2015 Athanasios Gioumpasis

Did you know?

Archaeologists believe the area around Nissi Beach may have been home to the first humans on Cyprus.


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