North Sea solitude on a tranquil, moon-shaped stretch of island


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We know, right. Germany and beaches seems an unlikely pairing, but with access to both the North and Baltic seas, the country has more than 1,200 miles of coastline that includes classic seaside resorts like Zingst and Scharbeutz. Even better are the broad, romantic sweeps of sand on popular islands like Sylt and Rügen, where Germany’s showbiz set congregate on long summer days. South of Sylt lies another beautiful, lesser known North Frisian island -- Amrum.

Small, and with a population of 2,300, Amrum lays claim to Europe’s widest beach (a stretch of shore that takes up one third of the island), white sand dunes, picturesque Frisian villages, a graveyard with so-called “talking headstones” and a bird center. When the sea’s out, it’s possible to walk across the tideland to neighboring island Föhr. But the main draw here remains tranquility and nature throughout all seasons: the beach, the North Sea, its wind and waves, and the possibility of escape. Unlike Sylt or Rügen, Amrum can only be reached by boat, which adds to its remote appeal.

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Amrum's Kneipsand is among the largest sandy beaches in Europe.


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