CNN’s Veterans Day Quiz

By Tricia Escobedo, James Grant and Andrew Torgan

How well do you know the history of America’s armed forces? Take CNN’s Veterans Day quiz!

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Veterans Day is a US holiday that honors which of the following?

Veterans Day honors all the men and women who have served in the US armed forces. It is sometimes confused with Memorial Day, which honors US armed forces who died in armed conflict.

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Which US president proclaimed Veterans Day as a national holiday?

President Dwight Eisenhower signed a bill in 1954 that recognized November 11 as Veterans Day. Previously, it had been Armistice Day, which recognized only veterans of World War I and World War II.

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Women currently make up approximately what percentage of the overall veteran population in the US?

According to the latest available data, women make up approximately 10% of the overall veteran population. By 2046, the share of female veterans is expected to increase to about 18%.

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American troops in World War II were often referred to by the abbreviation G.I. What does G.I. stand for?

While The origins of this popular nickname are somewhat murky, the abbreviation was widely interpreted as meaning “Government Issue” or “General Issue,” with servicemen using it as a reference symbolizing their belief that they were mass-produced products of the government.

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American men were drafted into military service in six major wars. Which of the following wars did not have a draft?

The conscription of American citizens into military service, commonly known as the draft, has been used in six major wars: the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam. The men and women who served during the Gulf War were all volunteers.

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Approximately how many Americans served worldwide over the course of World War II?

More than 16 million Americans served during World War II, and more than 400,000 lost their lives.

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American soldiers who fought in World War I were known by which nickname?

Doughboys was the nickname for the troops of General John Pershing’s American Expeditionary Forces, who crossed the Atlantic to join Allied armies fighting on the Western Front in World War I.

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Lawrence Brooks, the oldest known living US World War II veteran, died in January 2022. How old was he when he passed away?

Brooks lived to the age of 112. He was drafted into the US Army at age 31 and spent World War II in the predominantly African-American 91st Engineer Battalion. You can read more about him here.

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Around how many women served in World War II

More than 400,000 women served during the war, including 350,000 who served in uniform in non-combat roles and nearly 70,000 who served in the Army and Navy Nurse Corps.

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Where was the first Veterans Day parade in the US held?

Birmingham is home to the nation’s oldest and largest Veterans Day parade.

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