Weekly News Quiz: June 8, 2023

By Alexandra Meeks and Ivory Sherman

A smoky haze. A tech announcement. A controversial drink. What do you remember from the week that was?

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Millions of people in the US are under air quality alerts this week. What is causing a thick haze drifting across the Northeast, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic?

Millions of people remain at risk of inhaling potentially harmful air as wildfire smoke originating from Canada shrouds major US cities.

Residents in Washington, DC, were startled by a loud sound this week. What caused the boom heard throughout the capital city?

Military jets were “authorized to travel at supersonic speeds” as they raced to make contact with an unresponsive aircraft flying in the region that later crashed in a heavily wooded area. The extraordinary speed of the jets caused a sonic boom across the Washington, DC, area that confused many residents.

Apple recently unveiled its most ambitious – and riskiest – new product in years. What is it called?

Apple introduced a “mixed reality” headset called Apple Vision Pro, a technology that overlays virtual images on live video of the real world. The company said it will be available early next year in the US.

Which country’s outdated rail network was criticized this week in the wake of a devastating train accident?

A deadly train crash in India has renewed calls for authorities to confront safety issues in a railway system that transports more than 13 million passengers every day.

While many US industries have recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic, which major sector still has a huge shortage of workers?

The leisure and hospitality industry is struggling to recover all the workers it lost due to the pandemic, recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows. This sector has the biggest shortage of workers, down 349,000 people, or 2% of the total pre-pandemic workforce.

Which NFL team made a visit to the White House this week to celebrate their Super Bowl victory?

President Joe Biden welcomed the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs to the White House Monday. See photos from the special occasion.

NASA will launch a spacecraft to an unexplored metal world this fall. What is the mission called?

The uncrewed endeavor, known as the Psyche mission, will send the first NASA spacecraft designed to study a metallic asteroid. It is set to launch in October, NASA said.

Which fruit crop in Georgia has been severely impacted by extreme winter weather?

The Peach State lost 90% of its staple fruit crop this year after abnormally warm winter weather and a late-season freeze, researchers say.

Which automaker recalled around 125,000 SUVs and trucks this week?

Ford appears to be facing more manufacturing problems. See the models affected by the latest recall.

Starbucks expanded its menu in several states this week to offer drinks made with which controversial ingredient?

Despite somewhat negative reviews, Starbucks is bringing its controversial olive oil coffee to more cities.

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