Weekly News Quiz: February 9, 2023

By Alexandra Meeks and Ivory Sherman

US fighter jets recently shot down a suspected spy balloon off the East Coast. Which country did the balloon belong to?

US officials say they shot down a Chinese high-altitude balloon that was being used for surveillance. China, however, insists it was a civilian research vessel that drifted off course.

The 2023 Grammy Awards honored some of the world’s most talented musicians. Which artist won the show’s biggest prize, Album of the Year?

Harry Styles took home the award for Album of the Year at the Grammys for his hit album “Harry’s House.” See the full list of winners here.

Which company unveiled a new AI chatbot tool dubbed “Bard” in an apparent bid to compete with the viral success of ChatGPT?

Google unveiled Bard earlier this week. The debut comes shortly after a spike in popularity for ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool that has been used to generate essays, song lyrics and responses to questions.

Search and rescue efforts continue in Turkey and Syria after a devastating earthquake this week. What was the magnitude of the quake that struck the region?

A 7.8 magnitude quake hit just after 4 a.m. local time on Monday, sending tremors hundreds of miles and creating disaster zones on both sides of the Turkey-Syria border.

AMC Theaters, America’s largest movie chain, announced its ticket prices will soon be based on seat location. Where will the most expensive seats in the theaters be located?

Seats in the front will be cheaper while more desirable seats in the middle will cost the most, according to a statement from AMC.

Who delivered the State of the Union address on Tuesday?

In his second State of the Union address, President Biden sought to connect with Americans by addressing various issues impacting the middle class. Health care and the economy were a large focus of his speech, as he set the stage for an expected 2024 reelection bid.

Which athlete became the NBA’s all-time leading scorer this week?

LeBron James became the NBA’s all-time leading scorer on Tuesday, surpassing the record held by six-time NBA MVP Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for 39 years.

About 5 million bottles of which brand of multi-purpose cleaner was recalled this week?

Millions of bottles of Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner have been voluntarily recalled because there’s a “risk of bacterial growth,” the company said.

Which planet has the most moons in the solar system after a new discovery?

Astronomers have observed 12 additional moons orbiting Jupiter, bringing its total number of confirmed moons to 92. Saturn has 83 moons, Uranus has 27 moons and Earth has 1.

Which company recently reported its “strongest quarter ever” while the rest of Silicon Valley stalls?

Uber on Wednesday reported substantial revenue growth in the final three months of last year, defying a slowdown that has pummeled much of the rest of the tech sector.

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