Weekly News Quiz: January 7, 2022

By Joe Bagliere and Ivory Sherman

The prime minister of this country resigned this week as violence and unrest persist following a military takeover of the country’s government last October.

Abdalla Hamdok served as prime minister of Sudan. Violence between civilian protesters and military groups has cost dozens of lives since October’s coup.

Which iconic piece of technology is now fully defunct after the company announced it will no longer support its software?

BlackBerry stopped running support for all devices using its proprietary BlackBerry OS software, the latest version of which was launched in 2013.

Elizabeth Holmes has been found guilty on four charges of defrauding investors during her time as the CEO of Theranos. What was the focus behind her now-defunct Silicon Valley startup?

Holmes claimed Theranos had the capability to accurately and reliably test for a range of conditions using just a few drops of blood taken from a finger prick.

The US observed the first anniversary of the January 6 Capitol insurrection this week. About how many people have been arrested for their roles in the attack as part of the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation?

About 700 people have been arrested so far, and hundreds more are at large. The investigation is the largest one ever taken on by the FBI.

Which car company just unveiled the EQXX, an electric concept vehicle that the company claims can drive 620 miles on a single charge?

Mercedes unveiled the EQXX, which, if its computer models prove true, will have a much farther range than any other electric vehicle currently available in the US.

How many Americans were estimated to have voluntarily left their jobs in November of 2021, continuing the high rates of the “great resignation” era?

It’s estimated that 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs in November, a figure matching September resignations, according to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What caused hundreds of motorists to be stranded – in some cases for more than 24 hours – along a 50-mile stretch of interstate in Virginia?

Heavy snowfall caused motorists to be stranded along a 50-mile stretch of I-95 in Virginia. State and federal officials had to remove dozens of stranded vehicles, aid disabled trucks and plow snow-covered stretches to relieve the congestion.

Which city’s NFL team is getting a new name in February?

The Washington Football team, which changed their name from the Redskins in 2020, will be getting an official new name at the beginning of February.

What unique animal did demonstrators bring to the steps of Chile’s presidential palace as a form of protest?

The Chilean demonstrators, specifically beekeepers, brought an estimated 10,000 bees as a form of protest against the government’s response to a struggling honey industry. Seven police officers were reportedly stung during the demonstration.

AT&T and Verizon are rolling out new 5G infrastructure, but will delay the activation of the technology at what specific location?

The companies have agreed to a two-week delay on activating the technology near airports at the request of the Department of Transportation and the FAA. Some in the aviation industry fear the technology will disrupt aircraft electronics and other aspects of airline travel.

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