Weekly News Quiz: December 3, 2021

By Joe Bagliere and Ivory Sherman

The US and its allies have restarted talks concerning the nuclear capabilities of which country?

After halting negations during the Trump administration, the US is looking to restart nuclear talks with Iran and re-enter the Iran nuclear agreement.

Which beloved American singer celebrated his last onstage performance at Radio City Music Hall in New York City at the spry age of 95?

Joined by Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett performed onstage for what will reportedly be the last time.

Jewish people around the world began the celebration of Hannukah this week. How many candles are typically on a Hannukah menorah?

Hannukah menorahs usually contain nine candles: eight sacred lights and one central light to light the others (sometimes, there is no central light, making eight candles). The eight sacred lights represent the eight nights that the stores of oil burned after the liberation of the sacred Temple in Jerusalem.

President Joe Biden recently met with CEOs from which industry to discuss challenges brought on by the holiday season?

On Cyber Monday, Biden met with the leaders of a number of retailers and grocers, including the CEOs of Best Buy, Food Lion and Walmart, to discuss how to keep items on shelves for holiday buyers.

Which island nation just cut its last remaining ties with the British monarchy after 400 years?

Barbados made the transition from realm to republic. The nation now no longer recognizes Queen Elizabeth as its head of state. Instead, they inaugurated their first president; former Governor-General Sandra Mason.

The CEO of which major tech company stepped down this week?

Jack Dorsey, cofounder and public face of Twitter, stepped down as the company’s CEO, but says he will remain part of the company’s board until at least next year.

What word is Merriam-Webster’s 2021 Word of the Year?

Merriam-Webster announced “vaccine” as the 2021 Word of the Year – the word selected based on lookup data, notable spikes, and year-over-year increases in searches.

Mark Meadows is now reportedly cooperating with the House select committee investigating the January 6th riot after initially defying a subpoena. What position did he hold during the Trump administration?

As then-President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, House investigators view Meadows as a key individual in piecing together the events of January 6th insurrection at the US Capitol.

The first known case of the Omicron coronavirus was just detected in the US. In what state was the case confirmed?

The first US-based case was confirmed in San Francisco, California, in a patient who had recently returned from South Africa.

Which professional sports league entered a work stoppage after failing to reach a new collective bargaining agreement with its players’ union?

This is the first MLB work stoppage since the infamous 1994-1995 player strike.

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