Weekly News Quiz: August 20, 2021

By Joe Bagliere and Sean O’Key

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Which country went into full lockdown over the discovery of a single, locally transmitted case of Covid-19 in the country – the first of its kind since February?

The case, discovered in a 58-year-old unvaccinated man from Aukland, was New Zealand’s first locally transmitted case of Covid-19 since February. More positive cases have since arisen.

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What is the largest water reservoir in the United States by volume? This reservoir is now at dangerously low levels due to climate change-induced drought.

Lake Mead, located in Arizona and Nevada, is the largest reservoir in the US by volume. It is dealing with historic lows as the Colorado River, its main tributary, is experiencing a federally declared water shortage for the first time ever.

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Which telecommunications company is one of the latest entities to suffer a data breach, potentially affecting tens of millions of customers?

T-Mobile confirmed that it had been breached by a cyber-attack, compromising the personal information of tens of millions of current, past and prospective customers, according to the company.

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The Taliban has taken swift control of Afghanistan, including the capital city of Kabul, following the withdrawal of US troops. When was the last time the Islamist group held control of the country?

Gaining control of Afghanistan in 1996, the Taliban was forced out of power in 2001 following the US-led invasion of the country.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India has announced a plan to spend over $1 trillion dollars on infrastructure and the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs. He is calling the plan “Gati Shakti.” What does that Hindi phrase mean?

Modi announced the 100-trillion rupee ($1.35 trillion) plan on the country’s 75th Independence Day, calling it “Gati Shakti,” which means momentum.

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With the sudden takeover by the Taliban, the US is scrambling to bring Americans, respective allies and Afghan partners safely out of Afghanistan. According to President Joe Biden, by what date is the US hoping to get all of its citizens out of the country?

Biden said Americans should expect for all US citizens in Afghanistan to be evacuated by August 31 – the original deadline set for ending the nation’s longest war – but stopped short of saying all troops would be out by that time.

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Actress Debra Winger revealed that she dropped out of an iconic 1992 film because Madonna was added to the cast. What was the film?

Saying that the addition turned the production into “an Elvis film,” Winger removed herself from the cast of the classic film “A League of Their Own,” and was ultimately replaced by Geena Davis.

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Which private space company is suing NASA over its plans for the “Human Landing System,” its latest lunar landing endeavor?

After NASA initially pledged to offer multiple contracts to spur the development of at least two lunar landers, Blue Origin – owned by multibillionaire Jeff Bezos – filed a federal lawsuit over the agency’s exclusive contract of the HLS project to SpaceX for $2.9 billion in April.

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Gov. Greg Abbott tested positive for coronavirus this week. What state does he lead?

Greg Abbott, a Republican, is the governor of Texas. His positive test result follows his attendance of an indoor “Republican Club” event. Abbott has opposed mask mandates, and issued of an executive order banning school districts from requiring masks and other Covid-19 restrictions.

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Which NFL team released Tim Tebow from their ranks after his brief, experimental stint as a tight end?

Tebow, the star quarterback-turned-baseball player-turned-tight end, was released from the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars are led by Urban Meyer, Tebow’s former coach at the University of Florida.

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