Should you wear that Halloween costume? A helpful guide

Halloween was basically invented for making bad decisions. Don't let your costume be one of them.

What's your costume?

Does it capitalize on a tragedy or crisis?


Is it some sort of internet meme you're going to have to spend the whole night explaining?

It's a gamble but godspeed

Are you just hoping to attract a mate by displaying your unique interpretation of pop culture and social trends?

Yes. Blessings.

Is it a beloved children's character?

Is it a controversial political figure?


Spare us

Is it food?

Bring us sexy pizza

OMG what is it!

Spare us

Does it involve blackface?


Could people see it as offensive?

Like, does it feature negative or stereotypical depictions of religious, racial or ethnic groups?

Does it involve something inflatable and obscene?

You probably shouldn't wear that

You're probably good

Hey, it's a suggestion not a command