Election 2000: Over/Time

Witness the 2000 U.S. presidential election through the eyes of photographers Callie Shell and David Hume Kennerly.

Three days before the 2000 presidential election, on a clear fall day, George W. Bush stands on a platform at a microphone speaking to his supporters at a rally in Michigan.
With the words "Florida Victory" adorned above, rows of Al Gore supporters stand at a rally in Miami, Florida on Election Day.
Shortly after the election, George W. Bush sits in the living room of the Governor's Mansion in Austin, Texas, while talking on the phone.
The morning after the election, Dick Cheney, Bush's running mate, is pensive, staring off into the distance with his left hand resting against his cheek.
As the recount in Florida proceeds, Al Gore, standing near the North Portico of the White House, addresses the dozens of reporters and photographers gathered around him.
At the official Vice Presidential residence on the grounds of the Naval Observatory in D.C., Al Gore, his running mate Joe Lieberman, and members of their campaign staff, gather around the TV to watch Bush address the nation.
Al Gore shares a laugh with his campaign staff in a conference room on Election Day, as they call radio stations and urge voters to go to the polls.
Al Gore lays on the floor listening to election returns come in.
Alone in a hallway in the Governor's Mansion in Austin, Texas, George W. Bush looks over his victory speech on election night.
While Don Evans, looking confused and holding a phone to each ear, learns the Florida vote count again has become too close to call, Bush walks past him, unaware that his victory is in peril.
Seated in the middle of a crowded room, surrounded by his family and close advisors, Al Gore calls George W. Bush to retract his concession.
After calling Bush to retract his concession, Al Gore laughs jubilantly with Joe Lieberman, while surrounded by family and campaign staff.
George W. Bush is seated in the living room of the Governor's Mansion in Austin, Texas, staring intently at the TV, while his family and close advisors try to determine how to proceed following Gore's retacted concession.
George W. Bush, stands in the living room of the Governor's Mansion in Austin, Texas, hands folded together, pensively staring at the floor, as his family and close advisors are a blur of activity behind him.
Surrounded by a blur of activity, George W. Bush, hands folded behind him, stares off camera as election night takes an unexpected turn.
George W. Bush stands in the living room of the Governor’s Mansion, hands folded behind him, looking lost in thought, as his family and close advisors try to make sense of the unfolding events.
After retracting his concession, an ecstatic Al Gore and his running mate Joe Lieberman share a hug in an elevator, as Gore clutches the concession speech he never gave in his left hand.
George W. Bush stands with advisors Karen Hughes and Andrew Card in a hallway of the Governor's Mansion in Austin, Texas, preparing a statement to the press, while Laura Bush sits quietly in the next room.
The day after the election, George W. Bush, standing next to his running mate Dick Cheney, addresses the press, while his campaign staff watches from the sidelines.
Al Gore stands at a podium in the background, giving a statement to the nation, while in the next room his campaign staff watch and monitor the teleprompter.
Dick Cheney, Bush’s running mate, and his daughter Liz Cheney, are each on the phone, standing on opposite sides of the room, as they oversee the transition in preparation for the White House.
With the Bush’s Crawford, Texas ranch house as a backdrop, George W. Bush, flanked by Dick Cheney and Colin Powell, addresses reporters regarding the opening of a transition office in Virginia, while Laura Bush and Lynne Cheney look on.
Al Gore grins confidently while surrounded by a pool of reporters, after taking questions from the press about the recounts and legal efforts underway.
George W. Bush sits in the living room of the Governor's Mansion, holding his wife Laura's hand, while the two intently wait for the Florida Supreme Court's ruling to be announced.
As they learn the recount will continue, Al Gore pumps his fist in the air, while his wife Tipper and his daughter Kristin embrace each other.
George W. Bush picks up the phone to call, among others, his father, after the Florida Supreme Court rules against him, while Laura Bush sits quietly on the couch nearby.
Al Gore embraces his wife Tipper and daughter Kristin after hearing the news that the Florida Supreme Court has ruled to allow the recounts to continue.
With the Supreme Court and protestors looming in the background, camera crews pitch their equipment as the Court begins to hear arguments in Bush v. Gore.
Security officers, with batons in hand, guard the steps of the Supreme Court, one day before the Bush v. Gore decision is announced.
In front of the Supreme Court, John Lewis addresses protestors, while a prominent sign reads: "COUNT EVERY VOTE."
Carrying Gore/Lieberman signs, Gore supporters rally in front of the Supreme Court a day before the Court's decision is announced.
Camera crews attempt to navigate through the sea of Bush and Gore protestors in front of the Supreme Court, one day before the Court's decision is announced.
Security officers stand vigilant as protestors, holding signs that read "COUNT ALL THE VOTES," and "Gore/ Lieberman," are contained behind barricades in front of the Supreme Court.
Al Gore sits in the dining room of the official Vice Presidential residence, surrounded by his wife Tipper, and his daughters Kristin and Sarah, while the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision is read on TV.
Dick Cheney watches George W. Bush on TV as he address the nation as the official President-elect, while David Kennerly is reflected in the mirror, photographing the moment.
George W. Bush, stands at a podium alongside Trent Lott, Dennis Hastert, Tom Daschle, and Dick Gephardt in his first appearance on Capitol Hill as President-elect.
In a sea of solemn faces, Al Gore readies himself to give his concession speech, one day after the Supreme Court issued its 5-4 decision.
With his tongue hanging out, Al Gore high-fives photographer (and Callie Shell's husband) Vincent J. Musi, during a crowded fundraising concert at the White House.
George H. W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, stand smiling next to their son George W. and his wife Laura.
President Bill Clinton meets with President-elect George W. Bush in the Oval Office.
On a snowy December day at the Naval Observatory, President-elect George W. Bush shakes Al Gore's hand, as they meet for the first time since Election Day.
President-elect George W. Bush talks with Al Gore on Capitol Hill on Inauguration Day before the swearing-in ceremony.
President George W. Bush and his wife Laura stand alongside an officer and Dick and Lynne Cheney during the inauguration ceremony.
Al Gore walks toward the front door of his home in Arlington, Virginia, following George W. Bush’s inauguration, and is greeted by a pair of signs on the lawn that read "Welcome Home Gores."
Photographer Callie Shell, with her hand to her chin, chats with President-elect George W. Bush on Inauguration Day in 2001.
Photographer David Kennerly takes a picture of President-elect George W. Bush socializing with other photographers and reporters.