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The goal of STATE is to capture this moment in America's political culture, which is exhilarating for those unnerved by what they see as the country's progressive, globalist tilt under Obama and anxiety-provoking for those who unexpectedly find that approach locked out of power in Washington.

  • Special Edition

    Swipe left if you voted for Trump

    How dating in New York is changing under the new administration

  • Issue #07, Editor's Letter

    Trump's America

    In this issue of STATE, we aim to capture American life one year after the unprecedented 2016 race.

  • Issue #07

    America, a year later

    The divided era of politics didn’t start with Trump’s victory. But it has gotten worse under his presidency.

  • Issue #07

    Obama alumni fight back

    Democrats who worked in the Obama administration are running for office themselves.

  • Issue #07

    Why Trump has a lock on the 2020 GOP nomination

    For any other president, there are ingredients for a primary challenge. But Trump isn’t any other president.

  • Issue #07

    Review: What I learned about America by reading

    Political books are everywhere a year after the election. I read 15 of them to understand how Americans are still processing the results.

  • Issue #06, Editor's Letter

    The disasters issue

    In this issue of STATE, we look at how Americans respond to disasters.

  • Issue #06

    Sandy, five years later

    Advice from New Jersey for residents struggling to recover from new disasters

  • Issue #06

    Q&A: Former FEMA Director Michael Brown gives Trump an ‘A+’

    Michael Brown became a household name after Hurricane Katrina. Here’s what he thinks of Trump’s response to the torrent of storms this year.

  • Issue #06

    America’s power centers can’t move

    What transit meltdowns in New York and Washington reveal about government’s ability to solve problems.

  • Special Edition

    This Mississippi hospital should be in crisis. How it beat the odds.

    How a hospital in the Delta that wasn’t sure it could survive the day became a lifeline for its community

  • Special Edition

    The most famous 'undecided voter' has big problems with Trump

    Inside Ken Bone's bizarre year and what it says about America's celebrity obsession.

  • Issue #05, Editor's Letter

    A world unsettled

    In this issue of STATE, we try to capture the unsettled nature of the world right now.

  • Issue #05

    7 questions about North Korea

    CNN’s Fareed Zakaria answers your questions about the nuclear threat from the reclusive nation

  • Issue #05

    Letter from Havana

    The whiplash of the Trump era is plunging Cuba into confusion and anxiety.

  • Issue #05

    Venezuela’s dreams are dying

    The tragic impact of a country’s collapse.

  • Issue #05

    Angela Merkel: The moral leader of the west

    How the German chancellor became Trump’s foil

  • Issue #05

    Donald Trump told Nikki Haley she could speak her mind. She’s doing just that.

    The UN ambassador is the breakout star of Trump’s Cabinet. But will she succeed?

  • Issue #05

    The California GOP’s last gasp

    It’s easy to forget that this was once a Republican state that sent Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan to the White House.

  • Issue #05

    Understanding the world through ‘Game of Thrones’

    Just like politics, the show is inescapable. But sometimes a dragon is just a dragon.

  • Issue #04, Editor's Letter

    Policing in America

    Every day in America, a police officer draws a gun and takes aim. What comes next is a decision of extraordinary power and responsibility.

  • Issue #04

    The Trigger And The Choice: Part 1

    Two decades later, a traffic stop on a country road is still teaching police officers about deadly force – and the cost of hesitation.

  • Issue #04

    The Trigger and the Choice: Part 2

    Did one police shooting help raise the nationwide homicide rate? Observers disagree. But three years later, Ferguson and metro St. Louis are still paying a terrible price.

  • Issue #04

    The Trigger and the Choice: Part 3

    The officers of the Buffalo Police Department went more than four years and 2 million calls without a fatal shooting. What did they do right?

  • Issue #04

    Introducing the man who could be the most vulnerable Republican in Congress

    Mike Coffman has survived tough races before. But Trump will make things much harder.

  • Issue #03, Editor's Letter

    The post-mortem issue

    Welcome to the 'post-mortem' issue of STATE, where we do an autopsy of sorts on what happened last year and explore the passions that still linger on both sides of the political spectrum.

  • Issue #03

    The survival of a Southern Baptist who dared to oppose Trump

    Russell Moore was the most prominent anti-Trump voice in his denomination. It almost cost him his job.

  • Issue #03

    He won. She lost.

    Or: How I Enjoyed Summer By Elegantly Escaping Political Conversations With Family, Friends, Colleagues, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Husbands, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins And Used STATE's Handy Visual Guide To Answer The Question That Ruined Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Spring Break

  • Issue #03

    The United States of Emotion

    Eight months after the election, Democrats and Republicans say it's hard to move on.

  • Issue #03

    Donald Trump is the best -- and worst -- thing that’s happened to modern American feminism

    The President is the unlikely force behind the revival of the women’s movement.

  • Issue #03

    Inside Sheldon Adelson's journalistic gamble

    The Las Vegas Review-Journal is flush in cash and confidence a year and a half after being bought by the GOP's most prominent donor.

  • Issue #03

    US history in color

    In honor of America's 241st birthday, STATE colorized photos of several presidents from the 19th century.

  • Issue #02, Editor's Letter


    It's enough to make you dizzy as one earth-shattering scoop is overtaken by another. That's one reason this month's issue of STATE is especially important. In the midst of this news hurricane, we take one big step back to understand what the past can tell us about this dramatic moment in political history.

  • Issue #02

    Tricky Trump?

    The historical parallels between Donald Trump and Richard Nixon.

  • Issue #02

    God and the Don

    Presidents often turn to faith in times of crisis. That seems unlikely for Trump.

  • Issue #02

    Ivanka Trump: America's most powerful Jewish woman

    The First Daughter's unique role at a time of rising anti-Semitism

  • Issue #02

    The Green Wall

    The human line of protection at the border

  • Issue #01, Editor's Letter

    This is State

    Whether you think he's draining the swamp or destroying the country, there's no denying that the America we live in today is strikingly different than the one Barack Obama handed over on January 20.

  • Issue #01

    Inside Donald Trump's tumultuous first 100 days

    The President reaches this symbolic moment with the lowest approval rating of any of his predecessors at this point. Can he turn it around?

  • Issue #01

    Kamala Harris rips up the script

    The freshman senator is at the center of 2020 buzz. But can she live up to the hype?

  • Issue #01

    Back to school

    Campus leaders rethink their role in the age of Trump.

  • Issue #01

    The time I went to summer camp with the future mini-Trump

    My memories of an aggressive effort to lead our experiment in mock government.

  • Issue #01

    Trump's promise-fulfilling, post-partisan presidency

    Here's what the naysayers are getting wrong.

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    The goal of STATE is to capture this moment in America's political culture, which is exhilarating for those unnerved by what they see as the country's progressive, globalist tilt under Obama and anxiety-provoking for those who unexpectedly find that approach locked out of power in Washington.