The O.J. Simpson Case: Other Killer Theories

Later this year O.J. Simpson will be up for parole for a 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping. He's serving a 33-year sentence in a Nevada correctional facility. The case that originally captivated America began over two decades ago, but theories are still emerging about who brutally killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

This episode explores a serial killer's confession, a possible hit man who claims responsibility, and O.J.'s eldest son, Jason Simpson.

Airs: February 3, 2017 on HLN

O.J. Simpson: The rise and fall

Nearly 20 years after the start of the O.J. Simpson trial, CNN's Stephanie Elam looks at Simpson's rise to fame and his fall from the public's good graces.

Looking back at O.J. Simpson's history-making car chase

We look back at car chase that captured attention across America played out on live TV.

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