The Menendez Brothers: Murder in Beverly Hills

A wealthy couple was found shot dead in their own home while watching TV and the nation was shocked when investigators later charged the couple's sons, Lyle and Erik, with their murder. The case was a first of its kind -- a sensational murder trial with camera-ready players that seemed made for Hollywood. This episode reveals the twists and turns of this trial including the shocking motive for the murders. It’s followed by an interview with Lyle Menendez from jail with Chris Cuomo.

Airs: January 27, 2017 on HLN

The Menendez brothers killed their parents and then made this 911 call

The Menendez brothers fired over a dozen shots to kill their parents in their Beverly Hills mansion. Not long after, they called 911 to report an intruder.

Abuse testimony could give the Menendez brothers grounds for a new trial

The Menendez brothers admitted to killing their parents, but claimed their actions were the result of years of mental and sexual abuse. Here is a portion of their testimony. Much of this story was not allowed in the brothers' second trial and could now potentially allow the brothers to petition the court for a new one.

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