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What's wrong with Europe?

But perceptions can be deceiving

Studies have shown that each nation tends to overestimate its own concerns. Source: “Perils of Perception” report, Dec 2016, Ipsos MORI

Many Europeans want to focus on the problems at home

Our country should …

Test your perceptions!

Q1 of 5

What percentage of voters backed the euroskeptic UK Independence Party (UKIP) at the 2015 general election? Source: UK Parliament

Q2 of 5

Which EU country is considered the unhappiest? Source: World Happiness Report 2016

Q3 of 5

What percentage of France’s population did French citizens think is Muslim when surveyed in 2016? Source: Ipsos MORI

Q4 of 5

What percentage of people in Spain feel their society is “broken”? Source: Ipsos MORI

Q5 of 5

How has Germany’s unemployment rate changed since the 2008 financial crisis? Source: OECD

Populist parties aren’t winning elections…

…but they're affecting the debate, pushing mainstream politicians to take up some populist issues.

Why is populism spreading?

Europe’s populist march is fueled by voters' growing frustration with the status quo.

Will the populist wave impact voting?


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  • Additional reporting from CNN’s Milena Veselinovic in London, Lindsay Isaac in Amsterdam, Margaux Deygas and Pierre-Eliott Buet in Paris, Corinne Santucci and Robert Nowatzki in Berlin, Livia Borghese in Italy and journalist Sako Missirian in Austria with Jessica King in Atlanta
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