Postcards from the Iowa State Fair

Photographs by Landon Nordeman for CNN

The Iowa State Fair is a traditional stomping ground for politicians. In 2015, photographer Landon Nordeman captured presidential candidates as they mingled with fairgoers, gave speeches and, of course, chowed down on all manner of fried food.

"Photographing rituals of celebration has always intrigued me -- whether it be worlds of fashion, art or sports -- but the last three days were my first foray into the political scene," Nordeman said. "I loved it! The juxtaposition of two American traditions -- the political race and the state fair -- provided ample opportunity for me to make photographs that express my point of view."

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump poses for a picture with a woman and child at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines.
Fairgoers watch Trump's helicopter take off.
A woman waves from a chairlift.
Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate, speaks to the press.
Republican presidential candidate and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, center, and Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, left, eat pork chops.
Big Mac is a 1,166-pound big boar champion.
A rolled-up American flag.
People attend a media event for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
Brian Bolton, a Republican from Creston, Iowa, participates in a mounted shooting competition.
Caroline Kramer, 18, of Stanwood, Iowa, had yet to decide whom she would support in her first presidential election.
A sheep from Wisconsin.
There were 19 rides at the fair, according to the event's website.
Shelby Heston, a 16-year-old from Fairfield, Iowa, gets prepped for the Cowgirl Queen competition. At right is her mother, Krista Heston, who said she would vote Republican no matter who won the nomination.
A man in a cowboy hat stands inside the office of the Horse Barn.
A dairy cow named Ginger.
Ron Carnegie attends the state fair as George Washington before heading to a minor-league baseball game. Photographing him was Landon Nordeman's favorite moment: "I mean, really, how American can you get?" As for his second favorite moment, Nordeman said: "I got to milk a cow."