One Debate Moment From Seven Different Angles

Photographs by Vincent Laforet for CNN

Vincent Laforet, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and director, spent five days preparing for CNN's Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas. In one moment, he shot seven pictures that showed the debate from different angles.

Photographer Vincent Laforet captured one moment from seven angles at the Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas on December 15, 2015.
Seven still cameras were set up on ceilings and balconies at a theater inside the Venetian hotel and casino.
The cameras were rigged to photograph simultaneously, taking seven images from seven angles.
Before the debate, as CNN crews set up the stage, Laforet and a team of three crawled catwalks, arranged remote-controlled cameras, ran wires and tested exposure.
"We kind of have this dual responsibility of not only making beautiful or interesting-looking images but also to kind of capture the history of the event," Laforet said.
It was the fifth Republican debate of this election cycle and the last one of 2015.
Laforet's goal? "To produce something you don't see every day and that gives you a literally different take on the entire event."