Bernie Sanders Battles for Kentucky

Photographs by Philip Scott Andrews for CNN

Sen. Bernie Sanders, who staked his presidential campaign on fighting income inequality in America, took his message to Kentucky with rallies in Louisville and Lexington in May.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ended up winning the Bluegrass State by a razor-thin margin. Sanders declared he would stay in the race "until the last ballot is cast."

Sanders supporters cheer as the presidential candidate takes the stage in Louisville, Kentucky, on May 3.
Sanders buttons are sold at the rally in Louisville.
Supporters walk past a T-shirt vendor in Louisville.
Sanders saw his campaign as a revolution. "What that revolution means is that millions of people today are beginning to stand up and fight back and demand a government which represents all of us, not just a handful of billionaires," he said.
Sanders' speech is interrupted by applause.
A supporter watches Sanders speak in Louisville.
Thousands of people gather in Louisville for the rally.
A police boat and security vehicle stand by during Sanders' speech near the Big Four Bridge in Louisville.
People stream through security before a Sanders rally in Lexington, Kentucky, on May 4.
Sanders takes the stage in Lexington.
Supporters cheer during Sanders' speech in Lexington.
Sanders urges the crowd in Lexington to vote in Kentucky's primary.