Asia’s disputed waters: Who claims what?

From the East China Sea to the South China Sea, tensions have long simmered between rival countries staking claims to these strategically located and resource-filled waters. CNN looks at the main flashpoints.

Map of South China Sea region
1 Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands
2 Paracel Islands
3 Spratly Islands
orange Boundary of area claimed by China
green Boundary of area claimed by Vietnam
purple Boundary of area claimed by Philippines

Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands

China and Japan have faced off over these rocky islands known as Diaoyu in Chinese and the Senkaku in Japanese. Taiwan also claims sovereignty.


Paracel Islands

China controls the Paracel islands; they are also claimed by Vietnam. They're located close to proved and probable oil reserves.


Spratly Islands

The Spratly Islands are claimed by Philippines, China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Malaysia and all five parties have airfields. China has built artificial islands on seven reefs located near the islands

Sources: CNN, Center for Strategic & International Studies