Is it safe to fly?

Every crash raises fears, but last year had only 12 fatal accidents – one out of every 4.4 million flights.* That’s the lowest rate in history, but some of the crashes were very big, so there were more deaths than usual. Explore the 12 crashes below.

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Flight details

  • MH370

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Beijing, China

    March 8

  • Cargo

    Nairobi, Kenya – Mogadishu, Somalia

    July 2

  • GE222

    Kaohsiung, Taiwan – Penghu, Taiwan

    July 23

  • AH5017

    Ougadougou, Mali – Algiers, Algeria

    July 23

  • SPN5915

    Tehran, Iran – Tabas, Iran

    August 10

  • Cargo

    Bukavu, DR Congo – Kama, DR Congo

    August 23

  • Cargo

    Prestwick, Scotland – Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

    August 30

  • Cargo

    Mwanza, Tanzania – Magadi, Kenya

    August 31

  • SKZ7101

    St. Maarten – San Juan, Puerto Rico

    October 29

  • Cargo

    Juba, South Sudan – Panyagor airstrip, South Sudan

    November 14

  • AGS902

    Bujumbura, Burundi – Pointe-Noire, DR Congo

    December 28

  • QZ8501

    Surabaya, Indonesia – Singapore

    December 28

Statistics do not include MH17, which was shot down, because that is considered a security incident rather than an accident under international standards. 2014 is the most recent year for which complete IATA data is available.

International Air Transport Association, CNN reporting


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