Hambycast with CNN's Peter Hamby

A weekly series on the stories behind the campaigns. All politics is social.

Saying goodbye to the 'Mayor for Life'

Hambycast follows Washington D.C. icon, Marion Barry's funeral procession to learn about the man, the civil rights leader and controversial mayor. Read the story »

Jazz and politics in the 'zombie runoff'

Hambycast takes us to the heart of New Orleans, talking jazz and politics in Louisiana's "Zombie runoff" election. Read the story »

Ferraris, high-stakes croquet & GOP govs

Republican governors are meeting in Boca Raton where donors, lobbyists, and private industries are all vying for attention. Read the story »

Look who's coming to dinner

The Hambycast drops in on the Iowa Democratic Party's annual Jefferson-Jackson fundraising dinner, to see why the so-called "rubber chicken circuit" still endures. Read the story »

The nerd science of political campaigns

With tight races nationwide, Democrats are hoping their expertise in digital and data can mean the difference between winning and losing. Read the story »

Will these people pick your president?

Hambycast visits New Hampshire to see what it takes to win over "flinty" voters. Read the story »

Is New Hampshire about to get nasty?

Hambycast follows Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire as she tries to keep Republican Scott Brown at bay. Read the story »

Could Rand Paul support gay marriage?

Kentucky Senator and likely presidential hopeful Rand Paul courts college students at the College of Charleston and talks with CNN's Peter Hamby. Read the story »

The luckiest mustache in Iowa

The Hambycast gets a private tour of the Iowa state house, including its taxidermy, from Gov. Terry Branstad. Read the story »

Hillary's madcap media mob

The Hambycast hits the Harkin Steak Fry and finds a huge media scrum already surrounding Hillary Clinton. Read the story »

Want to be president? Convince this guy

Hambycast hits South Carolina, talking 2016 with the man whose endorsement any Democrat running for president will need. Read the story »

Up close with Rick Perry's Hail Mary

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, his eye on the White House, shows up at a South Carolina football game to woo local Republicans. Read the story »