What stories got you talking in 2014?

Washington politics and international incidents. A disappearing plane and a disease's sudden spread. Legalizations, celebrations – and the inexplicable attraction of a dumped bucket of ice water. These are some of the stories that dominated 2014. Now we want your choices. Select up to 10 of your top stories of the year by clicking on the choices below. The final results will be revealed December 29th on CNN.com and CNN TV. Voting closes on December 21.

The NFL's off-field problems

Despite record profits and sky-high ratings, the National Football League is troubled by abuse charges against players, concerns about long-term health issues and criticism of Commissioner Roger Goodell.

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The shooting death of Michael Brown, a black teenager, by Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson ignites protests. After a grand jury rules not to indict Wilson, the city is hit by further unrest.

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The border crisis

Another aspect of the illegal immigration issue gets attention: More than 60,000 unaccompanied minors crossed the border from Central America this year, many escaping crime and poverty. What to do?

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The mystery of MH370

The March disappearance of a Malaysian airliner becomes an intriguing mystery when not a trace of the plane can be found -- and there are few clues as to why it vanished.

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After a major Ebola outbreak in parts of West Africa, the dreaded and often fatal disease arrives in the U.S. Though it's just a handful of cases, misunderstanding ignites fear in some quarters.

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ISIS threatens

A new terrorist threat -- the militant Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS -- gains power and land in the Middle East and provokes indignation with its videos of violence and hostage beheadings.

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Ukraine and the plane

A passenger airliner is shot down in the midst of the conflict in Ukraine. The West points fingers at pro-Russian separatists while Russian leader Vladimir Putin points right back.

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Midterm elections

Republicans win resounding victories in November midterm elections, taking over the Senate, increasing representation in the House and holding a majority of governor's mansions.

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Taylor Swift's coronation

Can Taylor Swift get any bigger? Her highly anticipated album "1989" has the biggest-selling debut week in more than a decade -- and Swift flexes her marketing muscle by not putting it on streaming services.

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Donald Sterling's downfall

The longtime Los Angeles Clippers owner is brought down after a conversation in which he makes racist remarks goes public. New NBA Commissioner Adam Silver gets high marks for his handling of the incident.

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Inside the Hermit Kingdom

The North Korean leader makes headlines for his saber-rattling, his country's human rights abuses -- and a sudden disappearance in September. The latter turns out to be for ankle surgery.

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GM recalls

General Motors, America's largest automaker, recalls millions of cars over a faulty ignition switch linked to more than 30 deaths, leading to congressional hearings and lawsuits.

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New highs for pot

Marijuana advocates can celebrate: Cannabis is now legal in four states and D.C., and others are considering decriminalizing its use. But a broad public discussion continues about the details.

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A bucket of ice water

In August, a social media campaign for ALS goes viral, prompting many to dump buckets of ice-cold water on their heads and post the results. The campaign far exceeds expectations, raising more than $100 million.

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World Cup celebration

Despite concerns about readiness, the 2014 FIFA World Cup goes off in cities across Brazil without a hitch. Perhaps the only downside for the host country was its failure to win the tournament.

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Boko Haram

The militant Islamist group wreaks terror in northeastern Nigeria, killing more than 2,000 people this year and forcing thousands more to flee. In April, it kidnaps more than 200 girls. Their fate is still unknown.

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Secret Service woes

A fence-jumping incident at the White House highlights other examples of poor security and leads to the resignation of the Secret Service director.

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Retail data breaches

Both Target and Home Depot suffer fallout from hacks of their data networks, leading to lawsuits, hits to the companies' reputations and concern about credit and debit card protection.

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Gaza and Israel

Continuing what seems to be a neverending cycle of strife, violence erupts in Gaza in July. The weeks-long conflict takes thousands of lives and heightens tensions between Israel and Palestinians.

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The Pistorius trial

The trial of South African Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius over the death of his girlfriend consumes seven months and ends in a verdict of culpable homicide.

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Shocking celebrity deaths

Philip Seymour Hoffman dies of a drug overdose. Robin Williams commits suicide. Joan Rivers dies after an operation. Their deaths shake the entertainment world, which remembers their powerful contributions.

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Stocks soar, gap widens

Though the Dow Jones average keeps hitting new highs, the middle class treads water. The income gap between the rich and everyone else has become part of the political dialogue.

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