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Director John Singleton has died

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Singleton: Making films has been a lifelong dream (2003)
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Looking back at John Singleton's life and career

John Singleton, a versatile director who made a splash with “Boyz n the Hood” and went on to a variety of projects — including “2 Fast 2 Furious”died Monday after suffering a stroke. He was 51.

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Actress Aisha Tyler: "He broke stereotypes, he broke barriers"

Actress Aisha Tyler said late director John Singleton will not only be remembered for his films, but what he also did for filmmakers of color.

“He broke records, he broke stereotypes, he broke barriers,” she tweeted.

Actor Wendell Pierce pays his respects to Singleton

Actor Wendell Pierce tweeted about John Singleton’s legacy, saying the late director “spoke of creating stories that will illuminate the humanity of our people, African Americans past & present.”

“He celebrated the contribution we make to the human diaspora,” Pierce said.

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How "Boyz n the Hood" defined John Singleton's legacy

John Singleton was just 23 years old when he wrote and directed “Boyz n the Hood,” becoming the first African American — and the youngest person ever — to receive an Oscar nomination for best director.

The groundbreaking nature of that film, a deeply personal look at growing up in South Central L.A., is by itself an enduring legacy.

The movie dealt with a young man, played by Cuba Gooding Jr., sent to live with his tough, protective father (Laurence Fishburne), delving into the tragic impact of drugs, gangs and violence on the youth, his friends (Ice Cube, Morris Chestnut) and their community.

The pioneering aspect of “Boyz n the Hood” extended beyond the nuanced view of African-American life that it portrayed. Marking the film’s 25th anniversary, Chestnut observed that the movie “made Hollywood take notice that there’s some real talent out there that is just untapped.”

“Boyz” was heralded as a sign of progress — and the movie has served as a source of inspiration to young filmmakers. Yet Singleton’s signature film also stands as a symbol of an ongoing process in making Hollywood more open to diverse stories, and the structural challenges even such talent has to overcome.

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"He died too young": Celebrities react to Singleton's death

Celebrities took to Twitter to express their sadness over the death of John Singleton and share their appreciation for the late director.

Read some of their tributes: