Puerto Rico

updated 8:04 PM 21st Jul 2020
Pledged Delegates
Super Delegates
Date of PrimaryJuly 12, 2020
Delegate Allocation: Proportional
Total delegates at stake: 58
Puerto Rico postponed its primary after originally delaying the event scheduled for March 29. The new date is July 12. It has been a US territory since 1917, and it participates in the presidential primary process but not the general election. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won Puerto Rico’s Democratic primary with 61.49% of the vote over Bernie Sanders’ 38.07%. Marco Rubio won the 2016 Republican primary with 72.94% of the vote over Donald Trump’s 13.8%. The parties that dominate Puerto Rico’s political makeup are the New Progressive Party, which controls the governor’s office and the Legislature, and the Popular Democratic Party. Puerto Rico has a nonvoting resident commissioner (currently a member of the New Progressive Party who affiliates with the Republican Party) it sends to the US House.
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