updated 4:01 PM 29th May 2020
Pledged Delegates
Super Delegates
Date of PrimaryMay 19, 2020
Delegate Allocation: Proportional
Total delegates at stake: 75
In the 2016 general election, Hillary Clinton won Oregon with 50.07%, compared with Donald Trump’s 39.09%. Oregon has voted Democratic in the last eight presidential elections. Since 2000, Oregon has voted by mail only. Voters have until the end of Election Day to get their ballots to the election clerk. Democrats’ base of support is in the urban centers of Portland and, to a lesser extent, Eugene. Republicans run strongest in vast but sparsely populated eastern Oregon. In a close statewide election, the Portland suburbs are usually decisive. The greater Salem area can also prove important. Oregon’s state Legislature is held by Democrats, as is its governor’s office. Its congressional delegation is entirely made up of Democrats, save for Greg Walden in the 2nd Congressional District.
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