New York

updated 9:36 PM 5th Aug 2020
Pledged Delegates
Super Delegates
Date of PrimaryJune 23, 2020
Delegate Allocation: Proportional
Total delegates at stake: 320
New York had canceled its presidential primary after it was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, but a judge ruled that the primary will take place as planned. In the 2016 general election, Hillary Clinton won New York with 59.01% of the vote, compared with Donald Trump’s 36.52%. New York is a Democratic stronghold in presidential politics. Democrats have carried the state since 1988. Republican candidates for the White House have carried New York only three times in the last 15 presidential elections, in 1972, 1980 and 1984. Democrats tend to dominate New York City while Republicans historically fare well upstate, thereby leaving the city’s fiscally conservative, socially moderate suburbs as the critical battleground. Democrats control the state Legislature and governor’s office. Democrats also hold a majority of the state’s US House seats and both US Senate seats. New York canceled its Republican primary after President Donald Trump was the only GOP candidate to qualify for the ballot.
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