New Hampshire

updated 12:44 AM 20th Feb 2020
Pledged Delegates
Super Delegates
Date of PrimaryFebruary 11, 2020
Delegate Allocation: Proportional
Total delegates at stake: 33
New Hampshire is home to the first-in-the-nation primaries. In the 2016 general election, Hillary Clinton won the state with 46.8% of the vote, compared with Donald Trump’s 46.5%. New Hampshire has become a small but important general election battleground. Had George W. Bush not eked out a narrow victory here in 2000, Al Gore would have won the White House. John Kerry won the state in 2004, as did Barack Obama by a bigger margin in 2008 and 2012. The state was once solid Republican territory. It went for Republicans in 10 of the 11 presidential elections from 1948 and 1988. In the 2016 general election, 44% of New Hampshire’s voters were self-described independents. The rest of the voters were equally divided between Republicans and Democrats. Clinton and Trump equally split independents, but Clinton did 4 points better among Democrats.
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