updated 8:02 PM 23rd Apr 2020
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Date of PrimaryMarch 17, 2020
Delegate Allocation: Proportional
Total delegates at stake: 184
In the 2016 general election, Hillary Clinton won Illinois with 55.83% of the vote, compared with Donald Trump’s 38.76%. Illinois increasingly has become a solid Democratic state in presidential politics. Democrats have fared better here than nationwide in every presidential election since 1980. Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton all carried the state by double-digit margins. The state Legislature is controlled by Democrats, as is the governor’s office. Both of its US senators are Democrats, and Democrats outnumber Republicans in its US House delegation. Historically, the so-called “collar counties” of the Chicago suburbs (DuPage County, Kane County, Lake County, McHenry County and Will County) compose one of the most fiercely contested battlegrounds in Illinois. Republicans traditionally did well here, especially in the more affluent neighborhoods, but as the GOP shifted rightward in the 1980s on social issues such as gun control and abortion, Democratic support began to rise. Outside of Chicago and the collar counties, voters don’t lean left as much. Central and south Illinois has become a Republican stronghold. The northern region of the state, which contains corn farmers and industrial cities, has moved to the right in recent years.
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