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The best home decor a pet-lover can have? A framed portrait of their much-loved pup or cat hanging on the wall. Right now, you can get in on this bespoke art for your home with our exclusive code that will save you 20% sitewide at West & Willow, purveyor of fine pet portraiture — and some cute accessories like leash sets and custom phone cases, too.

Head to the site and check out all the ways you can show off your love for your pet, and then use the code CNN20 to save that 20% on your purchase at checkout, now through Feb. 14. (Don’t forget: You can show your pets some love on Valentine’s Day too!)

Custom Pet Portrait

$65 From $54 with code CNN20 at West & Willow 

Pet Portrait

Whether you have multiple furry friends and dream of a gallery wall of their portraits, or you want to gift a painting of a friend’s just-adopted pet, there are plenty of options. The portraits feature your animal from their shoulders up and have their name printed at the top so it’s clear who the adorable subject is.

How does it work? The site walks you through composing your portrait: You choose how many animals are in the frame, the background color and what kind of frame (if any) you want, as well as the final size. Then, you send in a photo of your pet (up to three fur babies can fit in a single frame), and the West & Willow team works their magic.

Vegan Leather Leash and Collar Set

$88 $70.40 with code CNN20 at West & Willow 

Vegan Leather Leash and Collar Set

Available in a range of shades from blush to pumpkin, black and beige, this paired set comes with a matching vegan leather leash and collar. The leash is about 4 feet long, so there’s plenty of room to let Fido sniff around, and the vegan leather has been PETA-approved.

Custom Pet Portrait Phone Cases

$50 $40 with code CNN20 at West & Willow

Custom Pet Portrait Phone Cases

Enter the make and model of your phone to receive a phone case with your pet’s adorable face emblazoned on the back. If you want to receive a digital download of the art, you can add that onto your order for a separate, relatively low fee — so you can print it off yourself and get a bonus portrait to hang if you want it.

You, Me & the Dog Print

$50 $40 with code CNN20 at West & Willow

You, Me, and the Dog Print

West & Willow also has a solid selection of pet-themed prints for the home, including this one that sums it all up nicely. Choose your background color, text color and frame for a bespoke look that complements your aesthetic.