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These days, you can walk through the airport and see dozens of pieces of luggage that look similar — or even identical. When it comes to telling your bags apart from other travelers’, a simple luggage tag can play a huge role.

The main purpose of luggage tags is to keep your suitcase safe and ensure it makes its way back to you if lost. Luggage tags protect your belongings and help airport staff and everyone else know that your bag is yours.

Luggage tags are a practical item that should be durable enough to withhold wear and tear as your bag gets shoved into overhead bins, tossed onto baggage claim belts by airport handlers or shoved in the trunk of a car. But durability aside, luggage tags should also be stylish and match the theme of your luggage whenever possible. They can help a basic black bag stand out with a cute, colorful pattern or even feature smart tracking capabilities.

How to pick the right luggage tag for you

When selecting a luggage tag, keep style and durability in mind. Consider how easy the tag is to see, if it can be easily secured to your bag and whether it stays firmly attached so it won’t fall off. Aim for a print, color or pattern that perfectly fits your personality and your favorite suitcase. Business travelers may want something more muted, while leisure travelers might prefer to go bold. And a colorful, bright tag isn’t a bad idea even for the most refined of travelers — it can ensure your bag will stand out from all the others on the baggage carousel.

You’ll also want to keep in mind the kind of protection it offers your personal information. Some luggage tags feature covers that shield your name, address and phone number from other travelers passing by. However, if your bag does go missing, airline or airport staff will be able to check the personal identification card inside the tag and get in contact with you.

Whether it’s luxury leather, “Harry Potter”-patterned rubber or water-resistant neoprene, here are some of our favorite luggage tags you can buy ahead of your next vacation.

Leather luggage tags

The travel pros at Away know a thing or two about creating a product that will last for years to come, and The Luggage Tag is no exception. Its pebbled leather material is sure to give any suitcase an elevated look. Available in five colors, it comes with a removable address card and a sturdy buckle attachment. It's worth noting that each new Away suitcase comes with its own leather luggage tag, which is available for personalization.

Longchamp’s Leather Luggage Tag features the brand’s signature logo subtly embossed in the middle of the caramel-colored tag for an added element of elegance. The pebbled leather, which comes with a leather strap and silver metallic pin buckle closure, is perfect for any traveler who wants a more sophisticated tag for their hard-shell or soft-sided luggage.

Made from 100% leather, this Royce luggage tag is retractable to fit any piece of luggage — no matter if it's a large checked suitcase or a small handle on a weekender bag. Inside the folded closure is a removable name tag — a nice extra layer of privacy so not everyone can see your personal information at a quick glance. Choose a subtle tone like tan and black, or select a brighter hue like light pink. Regardless of color, the leather tag comes complete with a buckle closure so it'll stay secure throughout your travels.

This chic luggage tag from the travel pros at Rimowa will liven up any basic black suitcase, giving it a polished, refined look. The Rimowa luggage tag is made in Italy out of napa leather and is available in nine colors from clementine to paprika, honey, cactus and more. The leather loop easily attaches to your bag, and the name card is covered to keep your personal information private.

The budget-minded traveler doesn't have to pass on the classic look of leather luggage tags. This set of two polyurethane leather tags comes in at less than $10 and is available in blue, black and brown. Each of the faux leather tags features an adjustable strap, snap closure and a name card where you can enter your personal information. A privacy flap ensures that your info stays covered when you're on the move.

Personalized luggage tags

We love the Paravel brand. Not only are its travel products chic and long-lasting, but they're made with sustainability at the top of mind. Made of recycled vegan leather, this luggage tag is available in three colors and matches perfectly with the Paravel striped Cabana collection. Personalize the travel accessory by adding your monogram for an additional $15.

As the shop's name might suggest, this luggage tag is made of leather, including the attached strap and slip-on cover, which offers the ultimate privacy protection. The tag comes in 10 colors plus two additional premium options in espresso and ebony that feature vegetable-tanned full-grain Italian leather for an extra $10. Consider monogramming this luggage tag in a deboss or handpainted finish to gift your favorite traveler.

We love the variety of individualization that comes with the July Luggage Tag. Choose from dozens of text and styles, colors and type position to create your dream luggage tag — whether you want just your first name, first initial or your whole name in a classic signature cursive. The luggage tags themselves are made of full-grain leather and have a hidden privacy slot for your personal information card.

This luxury, pebbled-leather luggage tag can be monogrammed with your initials for an additional $12.50 and comes in six distinct colors. While the subtle color options like camel, navy and black are classic choices, we love the blush and kelly green hues for travelers who want to give their suitcases an added splash of color. The tags come with a privacy flap to protect your personal information.

This luggage tag is a favorite because not only is it made of lovely tanned leather, but it can also be customized. Give the tag as a gift or get one for yourself ahead of your next trip. It's available in four colors — mahogany, Rock, Rose and Sand — and features a business-card-sized ID pocket with a durable snap closure to keep your personal information protected.

If you want to spot your suitcase from miles away, consider a customized luggage tag that looks just like a boarding pass. Not only will your name, address and email be printed on the durable plastic tag, but you can also personalize the boarding pass section, selecting your favorite departure and arrival airport to appear on the tag, too. Whether it’s MIA ✈ LAX or JFK ✈ LHR, your tag will be a unique reminder of your favorite travel routes, perfect for aviation geeks and travel lovers alike.

Fun luggage tags

For a more whimsical option, consider Casmonal’s faux leather tags, ideal for a traveler ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Embossed with the words, “and so the adventure begins,” in gold or black, these tags, complete with a steel loop and privacy cover, come in 13 different colors ranging from rose to neon yellow to white. With nearly 5,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, these tags win praise for their quality, look and simplicity.

The perfect honeymoon gift for your favorite newlywed travelers, this set of luggage tags comes with one white tag with "Mrs." embroidered in blush and one grey tag with "Mr." embroidered in black. The durable vegan leather tags each come with a privacy flap and a card to write in personal information.

Luggage tags don’t have to be boring. These funny, bright luggage tags from Mziart come with phrases like “Hands Off” and “Not your bag,” ensuring your suitcases are outfitted with a little humor, all while labeling your bag and discouraging others from accidentally taking it home with them. Made from sturdy rubber, these tags are waterproof to protect your personal info. Best of all, this set of six tags comes in at less than $10, so you can outfit the whole family's suitcases for easy identification on the cheap.

Fans of the beloved book and movie series can board their own Hogwarts Express with this luggage tag set, which comes with one tag featuring Platform 9 3/4 and another tag featuring Harry’s pet owl Hedwig. The tags are made of tough rubber, perfect for adults and children alike who are fans of Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of the crew.

For something a little different, outfit your luggage with the cute designs for which Vera Bradley is famed. Available in four designs, the Vera Bradley Luggage Tag comes at an affordable price point of $15. Plus, it's made of recycled cotton, so it's soft to the touch but durable enough to withstand the perils of travel — and with sustainability at the top of mind.

For anyone who truly loves wine and wants the world (or at least airport staff) to know it, this plastic luggage tag set has a pretty black-and-white striped pattern and "I ❤ Wine" printed on the tag. Included leather straps attach to the travel backpack or suitcase of your choosing. The best part? The tags come in a pack of two, so you can gift one to your preferred wine-loving travel buddy, too.

Colorful luggage tags

If you’re in the market for eco-friendly polyurethane leather luggage tags at an affordable price, it doesn’t get much better than the Travelambo two-pack. The tags come in 35 different color and pattern options, from basic black and grey for business travelers to a more outspoken glitter purple or a bright neon yellow. Complete with a privacy cover and steel buckle, these tags will stay attached to your bag even during the wear and tear that comes with frequent travel.

These silicone luggage tags are flexible and bendable, meaning if your suitcase is tossed around, the luggage tag will move right along with your bag and stay firmly attached, thanks to its secure metal ring. The tags, which feature an airplane and come in various color packs (including a multi-color pack), have a privacy cover so only your name is visible unless you slide the cover open to see the rest of your personal information. Plus, the tags’ bright colors like neon green and orange will ensure no one will mistake your bag for theirs.

For travelers who want to express their personality through their luggage tag pattern, this two-pack of synthetic leather tags comes in various colorful and unique patterns, complete with a steel loop to securely attach to your bag. The tags’ patterns allow you to spot your suitcase on the baggage carousel immediately, and each comes with a privacy flap and double-sided informational card for writing all of your details.

For those who want a luggage tag from a trusted travel brand, Samsonite offers a quality tag at an affordable price. The vinyl tag has a sliding sleeve for your information and an elastic strap to attach to your bag. While many of Samsonite’s luggage options are muted, this tag’s eye-catching Vectorfunk or American flag pattern mean you’ll easily spot your bag the second it hits the baggage carousel.

This colorful luggage tag is easy to spot thanks to its striped, bold tones that perfectly complement a basic black or navy suitcase. The Kate Spade tag is made from vegan leather, complete with a strap and buckle plus a privacy cover. And if you want to take the striped theme a step further, pick up the matching Kate Spade Striped Notebook to use as a travel journal.

Durable luggage tags

These stainless steel luggage tags are made for the traveler who really throws their luggage around. The virtually indestructible tags have an included lost and found service that uses serial numbers on each tag. Register the serial number on your tag and you’ll get an alert when your baggage is found — the brand even offers the finder a reward. Each tag comes with colorful, visible inserts to fill out your information. The tags come with both a leather strap and a stainless steel hook so you can choose exactly how to attach one to your suitcase.

This tough, waterproof aluminum tag comes with a QR code that fellow travelers can scan to view your information if your bag is lost. Owners are notified if the code is scanned, and the brand will reward finders, too. This particular tag is ideal for frequent travelers who prefer the privacy of having their info hidden.

For a different kind of luggage tag covered in unique art designs and made from water-resistant neoprene material, consider these funky Artovida tags. With different artistic patterns ranging from Mermaid to Flock of Birds and Birches, chances are small that you'll run into another traveler with the same tag. Plus, the neoprene material is stain-resistant, bendable and durable to last through even the craziest travels.

Attach one of these handy Apple AirTags to your luggage when packing your suitcase to ensure you can track your bag throughout the travel journey. If you ping it, you’ll hear a sound and you can follow the noise straight to your bag. While it's not a luggage tag in itself, it will best help you to track your bag — especially in the case it gets lost or someone mistakes it for their own. If you're attaching the AirTag to the outside of your bag, you'll want to pick up a durable AirTag case to keep it protected through the travel journey.

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