Bearaby Travel Napper
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We’re already huge fans of Bearaby’s chunky, hand-knit weighted blankets. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but they’re also made from natural, organic, sustainable and ethically sourced materials. Plus, they really work when it comes to helping us relax, de-stress and just sleep better. And with travel becoming a part of our lives again, the brand’s latest launch is especially intriguing.

Nervous about taking a crowded flight, going on a long road trip or sleeping in a hotel bed? Bearaby’s latest blanket — the Travel Napper — is built for trips of all types and can help reduce any of those journey jitters you might be feeling.

Bearaby Travel Napper

The Travel Napper is a compact weighted blanket that fits into a convenient canvas duffel bag, which comes with your purchase. It weighs in at 10 pounds, making it the lightest of Bearaby’s adult-size blankets. And while that may be less than the suggested 10% of your body weight Bearaby recommends for its blanets, it hits that sweet spot of being light enough to carry around comfortably while still being heavy enough to deliver the relaxing benefits of a weighted blanket.

Plus, at 40 inches by 64 inches, it’s more compact than the signature Nappers but still big enough to cover your chest and legs — so you do get that full-body experience. And if you don’t have all the space to stretch out, it folds up easily so you can wear it on either your upper body or your lap.

Like other weighted blankets, the Travel Napper utilizes deep touch pressure to stimulate the production of serotonin, increase melatonin and reduce cortisol. In other words, the additional weight has been clinically proven to make you feel calm and happy, to reduce stress and to improve the quality of your sleep. But unlike other weighted blankets, Bearaby’s blankets are not made with any glass or plastic beads. Instead, the weight comes from layers of knitted cotton, which makes for a more breathable blanket with even weight distribution.

Bearaby Travel Napper

In addition to all the benefits of a weighted blanket, the Travel Napper is also just a super-high-quality blanket. It’s hand-knit and made from 100% organic cotton — the same material as the brand’s bestselling Cotton Napper, which we’ve previously reviewed and raved about. It’s an incredibly soft and luxurious material that’s still super breathable, a perfect option for hot sleepers or warmer days. For colder weather (or chilly airplane rides), simply layer the Travel Napper over a traditional blanket. Another big plus: The blanket is machine-washable, so you can simply stick it in the wash once you return home.

The Travel Napper is available in five gorgeous, calming colors: Evening Rose, Asteroid Gray, Moonstone Gray, Cloud White and Midnight Blue — the same options as Bearaby’s full-sized Cotton Napper. The cotton canvas weekender-style bag is just as stylish as the blanket and predictably perfect for packing up your Travel Napper. So whether you’re trying to fall asleep in a car or plane, worried about relaxing in a place that’s not yours or just like to bring all the benefits of a weighted blanket with you wherever you go, Bearaby’s Travel Napper is a perfect option for any and all of your upcoming adventures.