away y2k lead

Away’s limited-edition collections have included eye-catching redesigns of some of the luggage company’s bestselling pieces: The last drop, The ’90s Pop Collection, was all about bright pops of color and marbled swirls for a throwback to the last decade of the 20th century. Now the company’s taken us time-traveling again, rewinding 20-plus years with the launch of its Y2K collection. 

Away’s original pieces each get a new look with this drop (although all the previous colors are, of course, still available to shop). There’s The Carry-On, The Bigger Carry-On, The Medium and The Large in three new shades that evoke the wild first days of the burgeoning Internet Age, each just as glossy and shiny as you remember the ’00s to be. There’s now Dotcom (pearlized blue), Bling (pearlized white) and Cyber (pearlized black) joining the colorway lineup.

Also available now? A $25 trio of luggage tags that give a festive oomph to your bags — and make them easily spottable on the carousel (not that you’ll need extra help with this collection’s pearl finishes). Shop the whole limited-edition Y2K collection now over at Away before it departs.