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Away’s ubiquitous Instagram presence has made its signature suitcases easily identifiable by millennials and travel enthusiasts alike. But the luggage’s durability, ease of use, smart features and reasonable price tag have truly sold us on the brand. We recommend reading our in-depth review if you aren’t acquainted with Away’s lightweight designs, unbreakable polycarbonate shells and roomy interiors.

While Away’s bread and butter is its hard shell carry-on and check-in luggage options, the brand is on a mission to make all of your travel essentials — totes, weekender bags, backpacks and a mini daily carry-on roller — just as functional as its other offerings. Its newest are the Latitude and Longitude Totes, two silhouettes that are ideal both for everyday use and long-haul travel.

If that isn’t enough expansion, last month Away debuted an extension of its suitcase line, featuring the Carry-On and Bigger Carry-on with an additional pocket in monochromatic leather.

To help you keep up, here’s an overview of the brand’s newest collections and designs.

Longitude Tote and Latitude Tote


The Longitude Tote and Latitude Totes ($245;, which debuted on September 17, are meant to be the answer to the second personal item allowed with your carry-on. Each is constructed from Italian leather and features a roomy interior that includes a removable key clip and detachable zip pouch with an extra pocket for storing your passport, cash, credit cards and other important belongings. If you’re using the tote in conjunction with your Away suitcase, there’s a removable exterior strap that can secure it upright on top of your carry-on or check-in bag, so you have less to carry as you roam around the airport. Want to use it as your daily work commuter bag? It’s good for that, too.

Currently, each of the totes is $245, with the main difference being the height and width (the Longitude is taller and thinner while the Latitude is wider and shorter). Both styles can be monogrammed for an additional $25.

Both totes come in four colors: black, pine, buff and ruby.

The Daily Carry-On with Pocket


At the end of the summer, Away debuted its newest iteration of the Carry-On and Bigger Carry-On (more on that later). The Daily Carry-On with Pocket ($245; is the brand’s most compact suitcase, which is ideal for short-term business trips or a quick weekend getaway. And because of its more streamlined design, it’s also great for those who can easily Marie Kondo their packing lists and pick only the essentials they need. Each of these tiny rollers features a built-in front pocket and removable accordion organizer that has three compartments for easy access to essentials like your passport, wallet or laptop. Other cool features include a compression pad that allows you to pack more in less space and a removable laundry bag that keeps your clean clothes, well, clean.

The Carry-On and Bigger Carry-On with Pocket


Love the idea of The Daily Carry-On with pocket, but need more space for longer trips (or to accommodate the fact that you’re not the lightest packer)? Meet The Carry-On with Pocket (starting at $275; and The Bigger Carry-On with Pocket (starting at $295; Each of these designs features the same style front pocket, which can organize the items you need within easy reach, while also housing a much more spacious interior. It’s the best of Away’s traditional carry-on offerings, combined with its newest designs.

The Day Pack


The Day Pack (starting at $145; is right up any minimalist’s alley. The design features a slim profile with a discreet side pocket that can hold smaller items like a wallet or phone. Its main compartment features multiple organizers that safely store laptops, tablets, chargers, notebooks, keys and more. The idea is that you won’t be playing the “Where are my [house keys, metro card, cellphone]?” game again with this bag. Everything is exactly where you need it.

The Insider Packing Cubes

packing cubes

Packing cubes are an easy (and compact) way to organize your clothing within your suitcase. Away’s answer to the packing cubes is its Insider Set ($45;, which features four sizes of waterproof nylon bags that can protect your clothing. Each has a mesh panel so you can easily identify your belongings. For Carry-On and Bigger Carry-On owners, this pack of four fits perfectly in the two main compartments (plus, you’ll have space left over).

The packing cubes come in eight mainstay colors, as well as two limited-edition ones as part of Away’s Flour Shop collection.

Note: The prices above reflect the listed retailer’s price at the time of publication.