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Away’s been delivering lately when it comes to its product launches, and the latest addition comes as we’re able to start getting excited about travel again. The new launch, a collection of packable bags including a backpack, carryall and sling, just hit Away’s virtual shelves.

The bags’ packability makes them the perfect travel companions if you don’t quite know where your trip is going to take you. Plus, they’re just as durable and well made as the rest of the product line, thanks to their 100% recycled lightweight water-resistant nylon.

Read on for a breakdown of each of Away’s new packable bags below.

The Packable Carryall ($95;

Packable Tote

Perfect for travelers who love checking out the local markets when they’re traveling, this packable tote can hold a haul of fresh produce. It’s made from 100% recycled lightweight, water-resistant nylon and has straps that won’t snap on you. When it’s not in use, the tote tucks into its own interior pocket for toss-it-in-the-carry-on storage — or, if you use it as your personal item for your flight, it’ll secure to your Away suitcase for easy transport. The carryall comes in black, navy and (a fairly neon orange) cayenne.

The Packable Backpack ($95;

Packable Backpack

This stylish, easy-to-tote packable backpack is ideal for when you want to go hiking on vacation but don’t want to bring a backpack-backpack with you — or if you like to shop a bit as you wander markets and quiet streets. It’s easy to grab what you need and secure what you don’t too: The top fastens with a drawstring closure and a flap-buckle closure, or if you don’t need it at all, it tucks into a removable zip pouch. The backpack is available in black and navy.

The Packable Sling Bag ($65;

Packable Sling

If you don’t have enough for your everyday carry to merit taking your backpack with you on a day out, this sling bag/belt bag/fanny pack can hold the essentials and keep your hands free. Wear it around your waist or across your body — either way works. Plus, the bright orange keeps it easy to spot in your carry-on.