Away has been launching collection after great collection lately, and the latest incarnation is enough to shake you out of your winter funk and get you dreaming about your next vacation again. It’s a limited-edition collection in lavender (aka Gen Z purple), and the full product line has everything you need to travel and look super coordinated doing it.

Since lavender’s initial limited release in July 2018, Away says it has received hundreds of requests from customers to bring the color back; finally, that day has come.

The lavender colorway is available in all four sizes of checked and carry-on bags, including The Carry-On (our pick for best carry-on luggage) and The Bigger Carry-On, plus The Large and The Medium).

The relaunched hue is available for purchase either online at or through one of the brand’s 13 brick-and-mortar stores — and stay tuned, because two more accessories (a hanging toiletry bag and a quartet or sextet of packing cubes) are coming later this month.