Away Designer Collaboration Series 2021
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Away’s collaborations have been great this year, as have its product line launches (hello, expandable suitcases!). Now there’s one more drop we can add to our carts — or rather, several new drops: The brand is partnering up with three emerging designers to create joyful patterned travel bags that’ll stick out in the overhead bins and put a smile on your face during an otherwise stressful travel day.

The new launches — the first of what Away says will be an annual series — feature takes on Away’s Large Everywhere weekender, Front Pocket Backpack and Travel Pouch Set. Each designer put their own spin on each piece in the trio for three very different (but all super-cool) results.

All the pieces will be out Thursday, Oct. 14, so mark your calendar now. Here’s a quick look at each designer’s creations:

Sandy Liang

Away Designer Collaboration Series 2021

Liang’s set of bags features a lively pattern of colorful florals (and the occasional eye) against Kelly green and brown backgrounds and silver zippers. The weekender features one of the green backgrounds with monochromatic straps, and the backpack goes chocolate for its backdrop. The travel pouches put a disco twist on things, with a metallic background and trim in the collection’s two signature colors.

Tia Adeola

Away Designer Collaboration Series 2021

Adeola’s collection is a playful burst of pink, robin’s egg and yellow-green. The bright colors turn an otherwise classic tweed travel bag into a version that exudes the joy and excitement of being on the road again. Like the rest of the collection, it features pink straps, a pink zipper and a pink ruffle below the handles (the backpack places it around the edge of the front pocket). The travel pouches, meanwhile, are ruffled on the sides, and one has a transparent front, making it easy to see exactly where your lip balm is — and if you manage not to fill it all the way up, you’ll catch a glimpse of a colorful watercolor background behind your things.

Ji Won Choi

Away Designer Collaboration Series 2021

Choi’s take on the trio plays with blocked, bold tones of azure offset by white zippers for a graphic, make-you-look-twice collection. Her backpack uses different shades of the sea blue on each area, while her weekender bag is divided into stripes. The pouch collection puts a slightly different riff on the theme with the introduction of violet into an ombré pattern of diagonal stripes.