Away '90s Pop Collection

Away’s limited-edition collections put new spins on the shapes and sizes we know and love from the luggage company, and the latest drop throws it straight back to the ’90s. The ’90s Pop Collection introduces colorful colorblocking and a great marbled-swirl-effect pattern in a rainbow of hues — and the new shades and patterns come in classics like each size of the carry-on and checked bags, plus travel accessories.

Instead of the usual solid shades, you can now shop The Carry-On, The Bigger Carry-On, The Medium and The Large in a half-bubblegum, half-red colorway featuring a bright red handle called Jinx!. Meanwhile, the multicolored marbled pattern called Psych! is available only in The Bigger Carry-On size. There are also the Insider Packing Cubes in a quad for $55, with one bag each in red, cobalt, bubblegum pink and the collection’s Psych! swirl.

If you’re sticking with the luggage you know and love, there are a few accessories you can jazz up your existing bags with, like a trio of vegan leather charms (heart, lightning and star) for $25 that make it easy to spot your bag on the belt. Plus, The Organizational Pouch at $30 makes a great hold-all for keys, passports, hand sanitizer and mints on a busy travel day, and the bright colors from this throwback collection make it easy to spot in the bottom of your travel tote, too. Or keep everything easily on hand with the $55 The Packable Sling Bag. Either way, you and your new travel gear will stand out in a good way.