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Sign up to be a Thrive Member and receive 30% off your purchase and a FREE $60 welcome gift for a limited time.

With an eye on conscious consumers who want to live healthily, affordably and leave the Earth a better place for their grandkids, Thrive Market has found a way to truly revolutionize how we buy our food.

Combining the convenience of online shopping and the cost-effectiveness of a members-only big-box store while also doing its part to heal the planet, it’s the next step in grocery shopping conscious consumers have been begging for. Thrive Market has found a way to make grocery deliveries affordable, efficient and truly sustainable. It’s one of those things you will try and immediately think “how did I ever shop any other way?” Once you shop Thrive Market, it’s almost guaranteed you won’t turn back.

How does Thrive Market work?

Thrive Market offers one-month and one-year memberships in order to bring customers high-quality, healthy and organic products that are both sustainable and cut out the markups that make your visit to your local supermarket more expensive. Thrive Market ships you organic, non-GMO foods straight to your door. Orders over $49 are automatically shipped free, and are promptly delivered with carbon-neutral shipping from its zero-waste warehouses.

It offers thousands of products to match every aisle in your local supermarket — and then some. Besides groceries like organic snacks, ethical meat, sustainable seafood and clean wine, there are also a wide range of clean beauty products and cleaning supplies. And don’t worry, you can also shop by brands - it knows how ride or die brand-based shoppers can be!

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Thrive Market also represents over 90 different values and lifestyles. Organic? Non-GMO? Vegan, paleo, keto? Gluten-free? Regeneratively farmed? Fair trade? You name it, Thrive Market caters to it. While shopping, you can easily filter by values or lifestyle, making it that much easier to find the food that fits your particular needs.

And, for every paid membership, Thrive Market gifts a free membership to a family in need. Since launching Thrive Gives, it’s donated $4 Million of healthy groceries. That’s pretty awesome.

Why is Thrive Market good for the planet?

When it comes to sustainability, Thrive Market really delivers. In 2020, Thrive Market became the first online grocer in the US to be certified as a B Corporation by B Lab, the nonprofit group that awards companies for exceptional social and environmental performance. From its Think Gives program, to its carbon-neutral and zero-waste shipping practices, to the ethically and sustainably sourced products they offer, Thrive Market refuses to stop optimizing their environmentally-conscious practices until they become the first climate-positive grocery store.

Thrive Market has set itself measurable sustainability goals that will make a huge difference in fighting off climate change, saving the oceans and keeping the planet green:

  • Zero Waste certified by 2022: Even though Thrive Market has always had Zero-Waste practices in place, it’ll make these practices official in 2022.
  • Plastic neutral by 2023: Thrive Market is going to make sure all plastics that are sent to their members are measured and then offset.
  • Carbon negative by 2025: Again, though Thrive Market is already carbon neutral, it’s going beyond this by being carbon negative as well.

Why should I join Thrive Market now?

Right now, it’s a great time to sign up for the Thrive Market revolution. In addition to offering a free membership to a family in need when you sign up through Thrive Gives, receive 30% off your purchase & a FREE $60 welcome gift for a limited time when you sign up to be a Thrive member.

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Plus, you’re always eligible for Thrive Market’s famous savings guarantee, in which members who don’t rack up at least a membership’s worth of savings in a year get that money back in Thrive Cash.

Our 21st-century needs — including affordable, convenient, sustainable and healthy groceries — deserve a 21st-century solution, and Thrive Market is that answer. Get started today!