Our Editors have reviewed their favorite Amazon finds this month and we have you covered for your next impulsive ‘add to cart’ spree . Honestly you’ll regret now owning just about everything on this list!

Pull Weeds Out At The Root With This Handy Gardening Tool

With its steelhead and four-claw design, this gardening tool makes it easy to pull weeds out at their roots so that they don't end up growing back. The handle is made from durable bamboo, and since it's extra long, there's no need to get down on your knees to use it.

This Beautiful Alpine Corporation Mirror Fountain is the Ultimate Water Feature

This is the ultimate machine if you want to have a water feature in your home. The Alpine Corporation Mirror Waterfall Fountain is 72-inches in height and 10-inches in width, so it's a big one. Sit and enjoy the relaxing sounds as the water trickles from the top of the mirror onto a bed of rocks, mimicking the sounds of a waterfall to add ambiance to any room. It even has a halogen light that projects onto the waterfall, adding a lovely light source!

This Pancake Batter Dispenser Delivers Just The Right Amount

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so start it off right with this pancake batter dispenser. Pancakes have to be one of the most delicious breakfast foods of all time, but they can get extremely messy. With this kitchen gadget, you just fill it with batter and squeeze the handle to dispense the perfect amount, every time.

Targeted Treatment With This Pure Anti-Wrinkle Face & Neck Retinol Cream

This Pure Anti-Wrinkle Face & Neck Retinol Cream is an excellent product before bed. It is formulated with Retinol cream that helps with collagen and elastin production, which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. And with over 8,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this is a clear winning product.

You Can Twist This Travel Pillow Into Nearly Any Position

Position this travel pillow any way you like and its memory foam filling will contour to the shape of your neck and chin to help you stay as comfortable as possible. There's also a snap button on either end so that you can hang it from your carry-on — and the breathable cover can even be removed for easy washing.

This Super Slim Cabinet Will Slide In Next to Your Toilet

A little extra storage space is never a bad thing — and this cabinet is slim enough that it should be able to fit next to most toilets. Multiple drawers give you ample space for everything from shampoo bottles to spare toilet paper rolls. Plus, reviewers raved about how it's "easy to assemble."

This Diffuser is Just Super Cute

This bulb-shaped light diffuser has tiny little palm trees that light up different colors. It is the perfect addition to a desktop to bring some cuteness and calming scents to the office.

Trellis Your Plants In This A-Frame Support

Some plants require more support than just being planted in the ground and left to their own devices: they need something to trellis on. This set of A-Frames is a beautiful way to add lots of vertical growing space to your garden, so your plants grow happy.

Tame Those Fly Aways With This Split End Hair Trimmer

Rid your hair of split ends faster and safer with the Split Ender Pro 2 Split End Hair Trimmer. This professional hair trimmer cuts damaged hair without damaging your hair. The trimmer works with thick, thin, and curly hair.

Show Off This Quaint Sweejar Porcelain Tea Set To Your Guests

This Sweejar Porcelain Tea Set provides a service for six people with everything you need to serve formal tea. The set includes six teacups, saucers, teaspoons plus a teapot, sugar bowl, cream pitcher, and strainer. Made from porcelain with a timeless design that will impress your guests every time.

This Cosmetic Barrel Is Easy To Pack Up and Take With You

Keep all your makeup supplies in this travel-friendly barrel; all you'll have to do is pull the drawstring tight, then toss it into your bag when it's time to go. It's made from high-quality polyester that's resistant to tears, and even has a waterproof coating on the outside—just in case your suitcase gets wet. Choose from nine colors.

This Car Pocket That Will Catch Your Dropped Phone

If you habitually drop your phone between your seat and the center console, this car pocket is going to become your new best friend. It catch your phone every time it falls into that little black hole, and it can also serve as a storage place to keep your car clean and organized.

This Tangkula Vertical Shoe Rack Saves Space

This cool vertical shoe rack saves a lot of space by using up vertical space rather than horizontal. It's great to pop near the entryway or in a bedroom.

This 14-Slot G.a HOMEFAVOR Chicken Leg Wing Rack Enables Efficient Wing Roasts

Wing lovers, rejoice. The G.a HOMEFAVOR Chicken Leg and Wing Rack can change the way you cook up those meaty snacks. This rack has slots for up to 14 individual pieces, and it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Try it at your next carnivorous gathering.

The Only Beauty Product You Need is This Honest Organic Beauty Facial Oil

There has been a massive resurgence of facials oils in the past couple of years. It may seem weird to put oil on the face, but it is helpful even for oily skin. This Honest Organic Beauty Facial Oil is an all-natural formulation that deeply hydrates the skin, looking glowing and healthy. One reviewer states, "Loved it. I’m getting ready to buy my 3rd bottle. I traveled to Taiwan recently. I only used this and lipstick (no makeup or anything else). The airplane was so drying. All I did was apply this to my face whenever I felt dry. My face looked so plump and moisturized when I arrived. Anyhow, I hope they don’t change anything."

The Boacay Toiletry Bag Is Made To Last

With double-sewn seams for added durability, this toiletry bag is made to last—and the waterproof exterior even helps protect all your belongings from moisture. Multiple pockets on the inside can accommodate everything from makeup brushes to skincare bottles. Plus, there's also a handle on top that so you can hang it up in the bathroom.

Start Your Mornings Like Jennifer Aniston With This Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer

This Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer is a dairy-free creamer alternative that is boosted with collagen nutrition, so drinking it will promote healthy hair, skin, nails and joints. If it’s good enough for Jennifer, it’s good enough for us, right? Watch Jennifer make her coffee with this creamer here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CWBVPMCFOR_/

Make Extra Space for Guests with this HIGOGOGO Solid Square Seat Cushion

In small homes, it can be hard to find space to seat all the guests who come over. Elevate the experience of sitting on the floor with this square seat cushion, a compact way to add additional seating in the living room that is still stylish.

This Mwellewm Foot Scrubber Will Become Your New Favorite Shower Accessory

Eliminate build up, improve your blood circulation and exfoliate your feet with this Mwellewm Foot Scrubber that can give you a relaxing foot scrub from the comfort of your shower or bathroom. This acupressure mat has non-slip suction cups that can attach to your shower surface or bathroom floor, just step on and scrub away with your feet.

This Tula Skincare Glow & Get It Eye Balm Formula Cools and Brightens

This Tula Skincare Glow & Get It Eye Balm is a must-have product for instantly hydrating, cooling, and plumping fine lines. Combining potent probiotic extracts and superfoods, the products are chemical-free so they won't irritate sensitive skins.

This wide leg jumpsuit has a deep v-neck and front button design that is flattering and stylish. The material is also soft and comfortable for all day wear.

Step Up Your Breakfast Game With The Techef Frittata and Omelette Pan

Making a high-protein breakfast is a cinch with this Techef Frittata and Omelette Pan. The non-stick coating makes clean-up a breeze, and the PFOA-free Teflon select material is also scratch-resistant.

Create An Airbrushed Finish With BB Cream Air Cushion Foundation

CATKIN BB Cream Air Cushion Foundation is a new BB cream with a cushion applicator and acts as both foundation and cushion to offer a smooth, lightweight finish. The air cushion is made of soft, elastic materials similar to actual skin, making it easy to apply BB cream on large areas of your face and neck.

Exercise Your Green Thumb With The GreenStalk 5-Tier Vertical Garden Planter

This vertical garden planter is an easy way to keep plants happy. It has a water reservoir in the middle that helps water each of the five tiers. It can be used to grow a bunch of different fruits, veggies, herbs, or even flowers.

This TULA Skin Care Face Filter Primer Is Like Having A Snapchat Filter IRL

This TULA Skin Care Face Filter Primer delivers a filter-like finish to the skin by combining potent probiotic extract and superfoods to prep the skin for makeup, providing a balanced and healthy glow. And no need to worry about harsh chemicals - the formula is 100% clean. One reviewer states, "This stuff is AMAZING! I smeared a little bit with my fingers and could not believe the results! My skin looks smooth, even-toned, and glowy...but the best part is it looks like I have NO makeup on! Like I have perfect skin. Do your face a favor and buy this now! You will not regret it!"

For Long Flights, This Smartphone Mount Can Clip Onto Your Tray Table

You don't have to hold your phone when you want to watch a video on a flight—just clip this smartphone mount to the folded tray table in front of you. Dual joints allow you to adjust the viewing angle up to 360 degrees, and it's compatible with nearly any smartphone. Plus, it can also be configured to prop your phone up on flat surfaces when you aren't flying.

You Can Fully Lie Down On This Amazon Basics Bean Bag Chair

Lounging around at home can be so much better with this Amazon Basics Bean Bag Chair that measures 6' x 4' x 3.3'. It has a lovely design that means you can use it to comfortable sit on while you watch films or play video games. Since it's filled with shredded memory foam and has an ultra-soft microfiber cover, it is super comfy and provides plenty of support.

This Kitchen Organizer Elevates Every Countertop

This COOGOU Kitchen Organizer instantly elevates a cluttered countertop in every kitchen! It is made of natural bamboo, which is polished and treated so that it is smooth and waterproof! It has two tiers with different widths to accommodate a variety of items, from cooking utensils to cooking oils, spices, condiments, and much more.

This lyMoo Shirt Dress Will Get You In The Right Mind For 2022, As Emma Watson Posted On Her Instagram

Emma Watson rarely posts photos of herself on Instagram. But this one photo that she shared of herself wearing a shirt dress, with the caption “getting so ready for 2022,” made all of our jaws drop. It is such an elegant and beautiful photo, and we all immediately wanted to rock a shirt dress the way that Emma does, so this lyMoo Shirt Dress is the perfect way to go about it! Check out Emma’s photo here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXwEZ3-rZv9/

This CLUCI Bag Can Do More Than You're Expecting

It's ok to be indecisive if you have this CLUCI Bag. It can serve as a purse or a backpack, and will hold lots of your stuff. On days that you want something more casual, throw the two straps over your shoulder and carry this bad boy as a comfortable backpack. To dress it up a bit more, use the smaller single strap for a classy look. This bag has space for your computer, chargers and all other essential belongings.

Your Matches Are Securely Stored And Displayed With This Skeem Design Cloche Bottle

This Skeem Design Cloche Bottle has a vintage design, which combined with the included 4" matches, will create an incredibly cute and attention-grabbing conversation piece that you can use to light candles, the fireplace, and more.

The Giotto Water Bottle Reminds You To Stay Hydrated

For warm weather, beach days and summer adventures, you'll need to stay hydrated this summer. This Giotto Water Bottle has a time marker throughout the bottle to ensure you are drinking enough water throughout the day. This 32oz bottle is designed with an attached straw and secured lid so you can enjoy your spill-proof bottle all day long.

This Multi-Functional Organizer Will De-Clutter Your Bathroom

Letting bottles clutter up your bathroom sink is an easy way to make it feel cramped, which is only part of why we're big fans of this multi-functional organizer. Not only is there space to store serums and soaps, but there's also a built-in towel rod and a toothpaste dispenser. Plus, each order includes a double-sided adhesive so that you can hang it up without any drilling.

This Lip Telephone is Fun and Girly

This Lip Telephone is one of the most fabulous gadgets! It is fun, girly, and perfect for people who have a pink aesthetic. This item is sure to get a lot of comments from visitors.

Extend The Shelf Life of Your Skincare With This Mini Fridge

The Cooluli Beauty Mini Fridge is the best and most effective way to store your beauty products! No more worrying about the temperature of your beauty tools and makeup at home. This mini fridge will maintain a cool interior at 50ºF and extend the life of your skincare tools and makeup.

The Palazzo Pants The Internet Is Raving About

Skirts and shorts aren't your only option for styling your summer wardrobe. These Eteviolet Palazzo Pants are the perfect alternative for comfortable and breathable bottoms throughout the summertime. These high-waisted pants have a loose fit with a stretchy waistband that allows you to have movement and freedom all summer long. They can be paired with a tight top and sexy sandals for the most flawless look.

Funky and Modern SSLine Mirrored End Table

This trendy mirrored end table is made of an acrylic mirror surface that reflects light. The design is simple and stylish, yet it will bring a colorful and bold element to the living room. And it is perfect for holding a few books.

For When You Need Flowing and Feminine This Crochet Maxi Dress

This Dokuritu Beach Crochet Lace Maxi Dress is a soft and breathable material perfect for summer. It comes with a v-neck and spaghetti strap design with a flowy fit for maximum comfort on sweltering days. This dress is available in 15 different color options.

Who Said Snacking Can't Be Convenient and Cute

Cereal, snacks, candy, and grains are just a couple of things that you can keep in this automatic food dispenser that can dispense all of your favorite foods with the flash of the dial. More importantly, this container can keep your food fresh, ensuring that nothing gets exposed and becomes stale. Keeping cereal in these is a genius idea for quick breakfasts!

These BRONAX Cloud Slippers for Women and Men Went Viral On Social Media

A comfortable pair of slides are a must-have for any teen who is always on the go. These BRONAX Cloud Slippers for Women and Men are one of TikTok's biggest success stories of all time, so any teen would be ecstatic to receive them as a gift.

Running Shorts That Will Make Every Gym Rat To Feel Good

These running shorts are designed to slim the waist while providing supreme workout comfort. They are flowy and stretchy, making it easy to work out and generally be active all day long.

The AuKing Mini Projector Is Much More Affordable Than A TV

Buying a teen a TV for their bedroom can be a very big purchase. If you'd like something much more affordable, consider the AuKing Mini Projector. Your teens can watch their favorite shows and movies from this little machine -- just place it on a platform that faces a blank wall, connect via bluetooth, and stream away.

This Boho Maxi Dress That Is Calling Your Name This Summer

Whether you are going wine tasting up north or spending your summer by the ocean, you need to purchase at least one dress from Bdcoco. Their apparel is very western and bohemian but in the cutest, trendiest way possible. Everyone on the internet has been talking about this floral lace dress.

Cute as Can be Rose Gold Balloon Dog Statue

This Jeff Koons inspired balloon dog statue is a museum-level modern art touch that can be added to the home. It would look wonderful on a coffee table or book shelf to give that extra cool design element.

A Set of Cactus Themed Measuring Spoons

If baking keeps you happy and you need to measure ingredients, use these four porcelain Sizikato Measuring Spoons designed like cacti on a bit of plant pot! Their design is gorgeous and will add a unique touch to your kitchen.

Breeze Through the Summer in This Button Down V-Neck

Feel fresh, free, and comfortable in this Ermonn Button Down V-Neck that will rest loosely on your skin, allowing you to enjoy the full summer breeze. This casual, loose top comes with two pockets on each side of its soft, breathable fabric that will make every summer day the most enjoyable one yet. This shirt is best paired with your favorite frayed shorts or a flowy skirt.

This Summer Clothing Store That Has Over 20 Dresses That Belong On Every Spring Wardrobe Wishlist

The sun is starting to shine and it is time to build your summer wardrobe! Whether you are going on vacation to the Bahamas or spending your summer in the comfort of your own home, Ours clothing store has everything you will need to create the most stylish and comfortable clothing for the summer. This flowy pink dress is all you need to have the best summer yet.

This dainty Fixmatti Lace V Neck Mini Dress displays a batwing sleeve design, curve-hugging fit, and v-neckline that can make an elegant addition to your wardrobe collection. The little white dress will make you look and feel fabulous. This dress is available in eight different shades.

Run Free In This Romper

We all love a good moment in a dress, but you can also never go wrong with a romper moment too. They make it easy to move around, stay active and not have to worry about your dress flying around or being too revealing. This black romper is a must-have, with a flowy fit that will make you feel confident and comfortable all day long.

These Flowy Pants That Keeps It Classy

If you are looking to be professional, classy and chic all at the same time, then the only store that you need to shop at these days is Nimin. This store has every single item you need to look like a boss babe every time you enter the work place. With these adjustable bow tie pants you can be comfortable and chic wherever you are headed that day. They will slim you out and make you feel as confident as ever.

A Shower Curtain System That Expands Out To Create More Room

If you've ever felt claustrophobic standing in your shower, you might consider trying out this expanding shower system. It helps open up more space by pushing the curtain and liner outwards, giving you more room so that you don't feel cramped. Splashguards along the bottom help keep water inside the tub, and it's designed to work with most bathrooms.